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Raymund Joseph Teves Laurel, better known as Rajo Laurel, is a world-renowned Filipino fashion designer. He is an alternating judge alongside BJ Pascual and Jon Santos on Drag Race Philippines.


One of the top Filipino fashion designers, Rajo Laurel's love for fashion is rooted in his early years, but it was in his young adulthood when his talent became truly apparent. His innate eye for fashion was enhanced through his training from New York Fashion Institute of Technology, and Central Saint Martin's in London. 22 years into his career, he has received several awards locally and internationally for fashion design and entrepreneurship.

Rajo heads the Rajo Laurel Enterprise, a young design-driven company fueled with the ideology of elegance, romance, and luxury. The look is always modern and feminine, juxtaposing hard and soft elements. Though Filipino in origin and heavily influenced by his Asian roots, Rajo aims to maintain a global perspective in fashion.

It is the workmanship and artisan quality that makes Rajo Laurel's pieces distinct. Beautiful, sensible and also competitively priced. Standout details such as embroidery, beadwork, and hand painted prints are incorporated to elevate the clothes into exceptional limited edition pieces. The sensibilities of Rajo Laurel's works are always new, organic, sensual, and meant to be admired as pieces of art.[3]

Memorable Quotes[]

Drag Race Philippines Season 1[]

  • "Parang siya yung trade of the season. Sino ba yung trade? Hinahanap ko."
  • "Every time you go on stage, you want to be absolutely perfect."
  • "I gagged. I gooped."
  • "Mukha kang nakulangan ng oras." (critiquing Gigi Era's Sagalamazon look in Episode 2)
  • "Sometimes... actually, more often than not, less is actually more."
  • "We love a queen who thinks." (critiquing Viñas Deluxe's stumble while walking the runway in Episode 2)
  • "For a minute there, parang, 'Am I in the right show?' 'Cause I was really in tears. MMK ba 'to or drag queen?" (talking about Precious Paula Nicole opening up about her late mother in Episode 3)
  • "She has to reach a point when she has to stop relying on being just beautiful. I think this competition will show her that you just cannot be beautiful; you have to be like Nadine [Lustre]." (talking about Minty Fresh during the judges' deliberation in Episode 3)
  • "Normally, you're scary... And normally, you're frightening. But now, you're frighteningly amazing!" (critiquing Xilhouete's Pink Pak Boom look in Episode 5)
  • "The minute you're on stage, dapat palaging you're in full fighting mode."
  • "You being safe all the time... you tend to be forgettable." (to Brigiding after being constantly safe before Episode 5)
  • "I'm being fierce because I know you can do better... And I'm being hard, because I... have seen what you can do. And this is trash." (critiquing Eva Le Queen's Divi Divas look in Episode 7)

Drag Race Philippines Season 2[]

  • "We stand on your shoulders. Dahil sa inyo, nandito kami. Dahil sa inyo, nandito ang Drag Race." (his message to The Golden Gays during Episode 7)



Drag Race Philippines Season 1[]

Drag Race Philippines Season 1 Looks[]

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