Regina Bronx is the stage name of Luis Arnulfo Peña Gutierrez, a Mexican drag queen and performer, best known for being a contestant on Season 3 of the YouTube show La Más Draga.

Track Record(s)

Regina Bronx
Seasons Competed: LMD 3
Ranking: 7th Place
Points Total / Average: 95 11.9
Maxi Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 5)
Mini Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 4)
Times Placed High: 1 (Ep. 6)
Times Placed Low: 0
Times in Bottom: 3 (Eps. 4, 7, 8)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 8

Memorable Quotes

  • "¡Arriba Chihuahua cabrones!" (as a sign of sisterhood after winning the lipsync over Huntyy B).
  • "Pues Regina Bronx es prácticamente una drag norteña, norteñota, vaquerobvia, drag-grupera"
  • "Imagínate, yo soltero y me ponen a este papachurro ahí al lado." (being thirsty over Quecho Muñoz).
  • "Es el momento exacto pa' encuerarme." (being thirsty over Alex Cordova).


  • She started her career imitating Valentina, but ''Regina Bronx'' wasn't created until three months before her participation on the show.
    • Because of this, Regina was jokingly called "Valentina" by several of her castmastes during the show.
      • A bottle of Valentina Hot Sauce that appeared in the background was relabeled as "Salsa Regina" (Regina Hot Sauce) instead.
  • In fact, her run on the show was heavily compared to Valentina's on All Stars 4: both were up for elimination 3 times, won only one challange, were HIGH for one challange, were SAFE for the rest and ultimately placed 7th despite originally reaching the Top 6 after another contestant returned to the competition.
  • Valentina stated her support towards her, but couldn't recall her last name at first, calling her Regina Sparks.
  • Valentina lent her the dress she used to announce Season 10 Miss Congeniality for the finale of Season 3 of La Más Draga. She also accompanied her during the event.
  • Regina is of Tarahumara/Rarámuri heritage, an indigenous tribe from northern Mexico.
  • Regina is the first contestant to share a win (with Memo Reyri) on La Más Draga 3.
  • Regina is the first contestant on La Más Draga 3 to survive two lip syncs.


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