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Robert Claus Johan Fux, better known simply as Robert Fux, is a Swedish actor, performance artist, playwright, cultural influencer and drag queen. He has appeared on theatre stage throughout his career in Sweden. Since 2006, he's has been part of Stockholm City Theatre ensemble and has as well. In 2021, he premiered his self-written monology musical Dragshow – en näradödeupplevelse. He also hosts Sweden's biggest drag podcast, Drottningmötet.

On September 6, 2022, he was announced as host on the first season of Drag Race Sverige by Entertainment Weekly.[3]

Drag Name Origin[]


Robert Fux was born in Kalmar, Småland, Sverige to Swedish mother and Austrian father. He has five siblings, with little sister Molly as the one closest to him. He moved to Wien, Austria at 10 and attended to school there. After the parents broke up, Robert, Molly and their mother moved back to Kalmar, where he attended high school. High school times were hard for him, as he felt alone and was bullied as he began questioning his sexuality. He found himself and his tribe within "the nerds, wimps and fantastic people" of the high school theatre group. Once he came out, he called local newspaper Barometern, which made a two-page reportage of him as representation for queer youth in Kalmar. Day after graduation, Robert Fux drove to Stockholm, where his career began to blossom. [4]


Robert Fux began his drag career as a 17-year-old. Three years later, on the very first Stockholm Pride he was crowned Miss Pride[5]. He was a member of drag performance group Cunigunda, which branched from drag collective After Dark. Cunigunda's shows were known for extreme stagecostumes, hard club music and close connect with the audience. The group (under the name Cunigundas Mammor) also brought "drugbingos" to Sweden, with the cause of raising money to HIV/AIDS charities through drag bingos. Fux was one of the driving forces behind the drag- and burlesque club Hootchy Kootchy Club. He was working at NK Cosmetics, when Stina Oscarsson, the artistic director of Orionteatern and an old friend from Kalmar presented him with an offer he could not turn down. He was to play Dag Hammarsköld in a monology of last hours of his life. He had previously done small statist roles in drag, but this was something big. Fux quit his job at NK Cosmetics and begun Theatre School at Teaterhögskolan i Stockholm. Within time, Robert Fux grew his skills and his network of theatre people and since 2011 he has been a staple ensemble member of Stockholm City Theatre. Despite being part of the ensemble, Fux wanted to be known as a Drag Artist rather than actor. As he puts it himself: "All my roles come from some kind of thought of drag, regardless if I play a man or a woman."[6] He started a performing arts collective called Tre Björnar och En Utter with choreograph Carl Olof Bergh, actor Per Öhangen and mediapersonality Farao Groth. He found the "Burleskgalan" for Stockholm Pride, together with producer David Sallmander [7]. Fux has had his own show "Salong Fux", featuring many artist from Sweden and abroad performed in 2019. His own production Dragshow – en näradödeupplevelse was performed in 2021 [8].

Memorable Quotes[]

Drag Race Sverige Season 1[]

  • "Tävlande, växla upp och må den bästa quinna vinna!"
  • "Då kan ni gå in och lossa korsetterna i Drugstugan, medan vi överlägger."
  • "Så, så, så! Jag har beställt mig. Ta in tjejorna!"
  • "Jag är ledsen darling, men du riskerar att lämna oss ikväll."
  • "Framför mig står två queens, som riskerar att åka ut. Jag har konsulterat med domarna, men det slutgiltiga beslutet är mitt att ta. Och med det sagt, är det här er sista chans, att imponera på mig och stanna kvar i tävlingen."
  • "Tiden är inne, att mima för era liv!"
  • "Lycka till, och glöm inte att FUXA till det."
  • "Queens, jag har tagit mitt beslut..."
    • "...Shantay, jag vill se mera av dig."
    • "...Sashay, tack och hej."
  • "Och kom ihåg. Var inte rädd för dig själv eller någon annan. Håll ihop, var modiga, och fortsätt glittra. Inifrån och ut!"
  • "Blir någon dansgolven, eller?"



Drag Race Sverige Season 1[]

Drag Race Sverige Season 1 Looks[]


Year Title Role Venue Notes Ref.
2007 Räven som slukade böcker Stockholm City Theatre
2008 Salong Giraff Stockholm City Theatre
2011 Sugarstar
Stockholm City Theatre
2011 Barnen ifrån Frostmofjället Stockholm City Theatre
2012 Orlando Stockholm City Theatre
2014 Ansvaret är vårt – Tingsten… Herbert Tingsten Kulturhuset Stadsteatern [9]
2015 Cabaret Conferencier Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
2016 Maratondansen
(They Shoot Horses Don't They?)
participant Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
2016 Romeo och Julia
(The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet)
Tybalt Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
2017 Lite lugn före stormen
(Ein bisschen Ruhe vor dem Sturm)
Ulli Lerch Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
2017 My Fair Lady Pickering Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
2018 Ned med vapnen!
(Die Waffen nieder!)
Marta Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
2019 Jungfruleken
(Les Bonnes)
Claire Kulturhuset Stadsteatern/
Teater Giljotin
2020 Det stora teaterkalaset participant Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
2021 Almstriden Conferencier Kulturhuset Stadsteatern/
2021 Dragshow – en näradödeupplevelse Self Vara Konserthus Script, direction costumes and sets by himself [10]
2023 A Midsummer Night's Dream Puck Royal Swedish Opera
2023 Matilda Miss Trunchbull Kulturhuset Stadsteatern



Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2014 Dyke Hard TV Pop Chart Host [11]
2021 Dancing Queens Self [12]


Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2020 Robssons Alien [13]
2023 Drag Race Sverige (Season 1) Self Host/Judge [3]



Single Name Year Artwork
Every Queen (with Kayo Shekoni) 2023 DRSV1EveryQueenCoverArt

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