Rochelle Mon Chéri is the stage name of Roberto González, a Puerto-Rican drag queen, best known for competing on the second season of The Switch, the Chilean version of Drag Race. She entered the competition on the 6th week, she got eliminated the week after placing: 9th place. She returned in week 8.


  • Rochelle is the second queen from season 2 to enter the game without competing on episode 1, after Francisca Del Solar.
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  • Rochelle's the second queen to compete on the Chile team that didn't compete in season 1.
  • She also the second queen with Sofia Camara to compete on the Chile team and not be Chilean.
  • Rochelle has done drag impersonations of Roxxxy Andrews.
  • She appeared in the 2014 drag documentary "Mala Mala" with April Carrion.

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