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Rosie is the stage name of Noah Rosa,[1] a drag performer and contestant on the first season of Call Me Mother."

Drag Name Origin

Rosie is a play on her real last name (Rosa), and also the “toy” called a rosebud.

Track Record(s)

Statistics Call Me Mother 1
Ranking: 9th Place
Mini Challenges Won: 0
Times in the Bottom: 1 (Ep. 2)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 2

Memorable Quotes

Call Me Mother Season 1

  • "Thats going to see my mother, no matter what" (After seeing that Crystal was one of the mothers)
  • "Where" (After Dallas said that the cast was a talented bunch)
  • "I look over at Val's cake and I think what the actual fuck is that. And then I look over to my other at HercuSleaze cake and think, holy shit, thats acutally good" (During the cake challenge in episode 2)
  • "This just proves that we all go through our own shit, but we're still all the same"
  • "Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah! Send Nudes" (exit quote)


  • Rosie was adopted by Crystal into the House of Glass


Call Me Mother Season 1

Call Me Mother Season 1 Looks



  • Call Me Mother Season 1, as contestant, placed 9th. (2021)

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