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Roxxxy Andrews is the drag name of Michael Feliciano, a drag performer from Orlando, Florida. She is best known for being a finalist on the fifth season of RuPaul's Drag Race and the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars. Her drag mother was Erica Andrews of the Haus of Andrews, founded by Tandi Andrews. Roxxxy's drag son is Axel Andrews.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Roxxxy Andrews
Season Competed Season 5 All Stars 2
Ranking: 2nd/3rd Place
4th Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 2 (Eps. 1, 10) 1 (Ep. 1)
Mini Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 5) 0
Times as Team Captain: 0 0
Times in Bottom: 1 (Ep. 7) 5 (Eps. 2, 4, 5, 6, 7)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 14 Episode 8

Memorable Quotes

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5

  • "Mash! Are you kidding!?" (Entrance)
  • "I'm sho exshited to be here!" (as Tasha Salad)
  • "Mashhhh!" (Referring to Detox)
  • "When life pulls you down, put on a shiny sequence gown."
  • "A sequin is one, and sequence is plural?"
  • "Except for Serena."
  • "Where my people at!"
  • "I'm fixin' to call you out."
  • "Seeing you in the bottom two." (in response to Jinkx asking Roxxxy about her favorite moment on the show)
  • "I'm Roxxxy Andrews and I'm here to make it clear: I know you love me, baby, that's why you brought me here. Was a bitch on Season 5, I'm gonna make it right, give me a sewing challenge and I'll give you what you like. I'm full of tricks, baby, just like on Halloween. A room full of monsters and it makes me wanna scream. I have to get this right, so you don't waste your time. Not like my comedy, I'm killing on this rhyme. (singing) I'm gonna show you what I can do, you're going crazy and seeing two. It's not my fault, you can't blame my game. All these other hoes, but they're all the same." (verse in Read U Wrote U)
  • "If there's a week where I'm booger, send me home."
  • "This hoe is crazy lol." (In response to Trixie Mattel's All Stars 3 meet the queens on Facebook)
  • "Getcha life!" (As Tamar Braxton on Season 5's Snatch Game)
  • "Boom! Who cares?! I'm so sick and tired of hearing about that bitch!" (As Tamar Braxton on Season 5's Snatch Game)

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 2

  • "Thick and juicy's back, bitches!" (Entrance)
  • "We take the crown, we wear the 'shaw'!"
  • "Oh god, this isn't another 'sequence' moment, is it?!"
  • "Even though I lost weight, I'm still repping for the thick and juicy girls. Thick and juicy is Roxxxy Andrews."
  • "Y'all, I'm not the funniest."
  • "Um, if you're not wearing wigs then you're not doing drag." (as Alaska on All Stars 2's Snatch Game)


  • Roxxxy is the first queen to win the first challenge on two different seasons (Season 5 and All Stars 2).
  • During All Stars 2, Roxxxy was up for elimination five times. She currently holds the record for most times being up for elimination in a single season.
    • Combined with her one time in the bottom 2 during Season 5, Roxxxy has been up for elimination a total of six times. This means she is third, only behind Latrice Royale (eight times) and Jujubee (twelve times; but only due to the All Stars 5 rule that other than the winner, everyone was in the bottom).
  • She was the only queen on All Stars 2 to be eliminated by RuPaul, rather than by another queen.
  • Roxxxy is the first queen to make it to the Top 4, being in the bottom two five times, without lip syncing for her life.
  • She famously shared on Season 5 that as a child, she and her sister were abandoned at a bus stop by their biological mother. Roxxxy was raised by her grandmother, who appeared on the All Stars 2 Makeover Challenge.
  • Roxxxy and Tatianna are the third and fourth queens to be in the top two for the first challenge, and be in the bottom two/three for the second challenge on an All Stars season (the first and second being Latrice Royale and Manila Luzon in All Stars 1). They were followed by Monique Heart in All Stars 4, India Ferrah in All Stars 5 and Yara Sofia in All Stars 6
  • She is the fifth queen to win the first challenge and not make it to the top three (in All Stars 2), preceded by Morgan McMichaels of Season 2, Team Latrila (Manila Luzon and Latrice Royale) of All Stars 1 and BenDeLaCreme of Season 6. She was succeeded by Nina Bo'nina Brown of Season 9, Mayhem Miller of Season 10, Widow Von'Du of Season 12, and India Ferrah of All Stars 5.
  • Roxxxy is one of five queens (others being Milk, Honey Mahogany, Detox and Violet Chachki) to have a runway theme inspired by them, with the "Wigs on Wigs on Wigs" runway in All Stars 3 being inspired by her famous wig reveal during her lip sync against Alyssa Edwards to Whip My Hair by Willow Smith.
  • Roxxxy is tied with Violet Chachki for the longest gap between challenge wins, both taking nine episodes to win their second challenge.
  • Roxxxy is the only Drag Race contestant to have received critiques from the judges in every competing episode of two entire seasons (Season 5 and All Stars 2).
    • Several contestants have received critiques every episode they competed in, but they weren't present until the very end.
  • Roxxxy has two drag children. A drag son, Axel Andrews, and a drag daughter, Cara Cavalli.
  • Her drag mother is the late Erica Andrews.
  • Roxxxy is the only queen in the clique “Rolaskatox” to have not hit the 1 million follower milestone on Instagram.


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