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The second season of RuPaul's Drag Race premiered on February 1, 2010 and aired its final episode on April 26, 2010. On May 1, 2009, the casting website for series opened, allowing prospective contestants to create user profiles and upload videos of themselves to be voted on by viewers; the applicant collecting the most votes being invited to become a contestant of the second season. At the end of the online casting period, Jessica Wild had collected the most votes and was announced as being a season two contestant.

For season two, the number of contestants was increased from nine to twelve, and the prizes were slightly modified: a lifetime supply of NYX Cosmetics and be the face of, an exclusive one-year public relations contract with Logo Drag Race tour, and a cash prize of $25,000. A new tradition of writing a farewell message in lipstick on their workstation mirror was started by the first eliminated queen of the season. Beginning with this season, each week's episode is followed by a behind-the-scenes show, RuPaul's Drag Race Untucked.

The winner of the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race was Tyra Sanchez, with Raven placing as runner-up and Pandora Boxx winning Miss Congeniality.

First out, Shangela returned in the first episode of Season 3 for a second chance to win the crown. She ended up placing 6th.

In 2012 Jujubee, Pandora Boxx and Raven returned to compete for a spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame on All Stars. Pandora placed 11th/12th, Jujubee 3rd/4th, and Raven as Runner Up.

In 2016 Tatianna returned to compete on All Stars 2. Which she ended up placing 6th.

In January 2018 Morgan McMichaels and Shangela returned to compete on All Stars 3. Morgan placed 5th and Shangela placed 3rd/4th alongside Season 1 winner Bebe Zahara Benet.

Tragically, Sahara Davenport passed away on October 1, 2012, due to health complications. The first episode of All Stars,which featured several of her fellow Season 2 contestants as well as her partner, Season 3 runner-up Manila Luzon, was dedicated in her memory.

In May 2020, it was confirmed that Jujubee would return to compete for a third time, in All Stars 5. She was runner-up, alongside Season 10 contestant, Miz Cracker. In January 2022, Jujubee went on to return to compete for a fourth time, in RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs. The World (2022), where she would compete for the title of queen of the world, she placed 3rd/4th.

In May 2021 it was announced that Kylie Sonique Love (formerly known as just Sonique) and Pandora Boxx will be returning to compete on All Stars 6. Kylie won the season, while Pandora placed sixth after being sent home by Ginger Minj.



(Stage names, ages and locations stated from during time of contest)

Rank Contestant Photo Real Name Age Location Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6 Ep. 7 Ep. 8 Ep. 9 Ep.10 Ep. 11 Ep. 12
Design Choreo Acting Snatch
Design Singing Advert Make
Ball Recap Finale Reunion
Tyra Sanchez TyraSanchezCastMug.png James William Ross IV[1] 21 Orlando, FL HIGH HIGH
Raven RavenCastMug.png David Petruschin[2] 30 Riverside, CA SAFE
3rd Jujubee JujubeeCastMug.png Airline Inthyrath[3] 25 Boston, MA SAFE HIGH
4th Tatianna TatiannaCastMug.png Joey Santolini[4] 21 Falls Church, VA SAFE SAFE SAFE WIN LOW SAFE BTM2 HIGH
(Miss Congeniality)
Pandora Boxx PandoraBoxxCastMug.png Michael Steck[5] 37 Rochester, NY HIGH SAFE
6th Jessica Wild JessicaWildCastMug.png José David Sierra[6] 29 San Juan, PR SAFE HIGH
7th Sahara Davenport SaharaDavenportCastMug.png Antoine Ashley[7] 25 New York, NY BTM2 WIN
8th Morgan McMichaels MorganMcMichaelsCastMug.png Thomas White[8] 28 Mira Loma, CA WIN SAFE SAFE
9th Sonique SoniqueCastMug.png Kylie Love[9] 26 Atlanta, GA SAFE LOW SAFE ELIM GUEST
10th Mystique Summers Madison MystiqueSummersMadisonCastMug.png Donté Sims[10] 25 Bedford, TX LOW HIGH
11th Nicole Paige Brooks NicolePaigeBrooksCastMug.png Brian Christopher Pryor[11] 36 Atlanta, GA SAFE ELIM GUEST
12th Shangela Laquifa Wadley ShangelaCastMug.png Darius Jeremy Pierce[12] 28 Paris, TX ELIM GUEST
The contestant won RuPaul's Drag Race.
The contestant was the first runner up of RuPaul's Drag Race.
The contestant was eliminated in 3rd place & did not compete in final lip sync.
The contestant won the maxi challenge.
The contestant had immunity in this episode.
The contestant was one of the best but did not win the maxi challenge.
The contestant was a member of a winning team but did not win the maxi challenge.
The contestant was one of the worst but did not place in the bottom two.
The contestant placed in the bottom two but was not eliminated.
The contestant placed in the bottom two & was eliminated.
After being eliminated, the contestant was voted Ms. Congeniality by viewers.
The contestant appeared as a guest on the "Reunion" episode, but was out of the running.
The contestant did not participate in this episode.


Series # Episode # Episode Title Airdate
10 1 Gone with the Windows February 1, 2010
11 2 Starbootylicious February 8, 2010
12 3 Country Queens February 15, 2010
13 4 The Snatch Game February 22, 2010
14 5 Here Comes the Bride March 1, 2010
15 6 Rocker Chicks March 8, 2010
16 7 Once Upon a Queen March 22, 2010
17 8 Golden Gals March 29, 2010
18 9 The Diva Awards April 12, 2010
19 10 The Main Event Clip Show April 19, 2010
20 11 Grand Finale April 26, 2010
21 12 Reunion April 26, 2010

Episode 1: "Gone with the Windows"

The 12 queens arrive and start to size up their competition. Early on in the episode, they discover that some of the queens met one another prior to being cast: Sahara and Shangela, Raven and Morgan, and Nicole and Sonique. After meeting RuPaul for the first time, the queens are pushed into a photo shoot with photographer Mike Ruiz for a Gone with the Wind inspired photo shoot involving the girls straddling a cannon and a high speed fan blowing in their faces.

The first challenge consists of 12 window hola treatments with different style curtains, courtesy of Smith+Noble. Each queen has to choose one and make an outfit made entirely of the curtains. Raven is allowed to select her curtains first as a reward for having the best photo, but the other queens must race one another to grab one of the available window treatments and home furnishings provided by Out of the Closet. Morgan and Tatianna end up fighting over one of the window treatments, both claiming they grabbed it first. Morgan eventually gives in; Tatianna keeping the curtains. Back in the work room, Shangela has saved a spot for Pandora to work next to her so she can ask for help with her own dress. Mystique has difficulty not having a plus-sized dress form and says that the material from the curtains were not plus-sized.

In the runway challenge, RuPaul, Merle Ginsberg, and Santino Rice return as regular judges. Mike Ruiz stays on as a guest judge and Kathy Griffin appears as a special guest judge. At the conclusion of the runway show, the judges praise Tyra, Morgan and Pandora's performance; selecting Morgan as the winner of the challenge for having their preferred costume design. Although the judges greatly criticize Mystique's outfit, she is declared safe by RuPaul due to her strong runway presentation, leaving Shangela and Sahara in the bottom two; Shangela for a lack of experience and the poor construction of her outfit, and Sahara for not look "draggy" enough (according to Kathy Griffin). Asked to "lip sync for their life," Shangela and Sahara perform RuPaul's "Cover Girl". Shangela is the first to rip off her dress but Sahara delivers an acrobatic performance, out-staging Shangela. RuPaul makes the decision to ask Shangela to sashay away.

  • Guest Judges: Kathy Griffin and Mike Ruiz
  • Mini-Challenge: Gone with the Wind inspired photoshoot
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Raven
  • Mini-Challenge Prize: First choice in curtain selection
  • Maxi Challenge: Design outfits from window treatments and home furnishings
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Morgan McMichaels
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A photo spread for Interior Illusions featured in Lux Magazine and immunity from next week's elimination
  • Runway Theme: Curtain Couture
  • Bottom Two: Sahara Davenport & Shangela Laquifa Wadley
  • Lip Sync Song: "Cover Girl (Put the Bass in Your Walk)" by RuPaul
  • Eliminated: Shangela Laquifa Wadley
  • Farewell Message: "Love you all. Turn it out... Shangela "DJ" "

Pop culture References:

  • Ru compared Mystique posing in the photoshoot to Suzanne Sugarbaker.
  • Nicole Paige-Brook quoted the phrase "I'll never be hungry again" from "Gone with the Wind".
  • Ru advised Shangela to think about Franklin Mint's plate to have pretty face during session.
  • The curtains for the maxi challenge were from Smith & Noble company and other accessories were from Out of the Closet Thrift Shop; the beauty products were provided by NYX Cosmetics.
  • The south will rise meets "Children of the Corn" - In these words Shangela described her dress.
  • Sonique's outfit was described as a combination of Africa and Playboy Mansion. Ru gave a late comment that her dress was familiar to the one Cher wore in her video "Half-Breed".
  • Lauren Bacall would love that collar - Judges about Jujubee's dress.
  • She is serving Raquel Welch - Ru about Tatianna's runway presentation.
  • Sahara brought to the judges an image of South Beach.
  • Jessica noticed that her look was inspired by non-existed movie "Wild Flower".
  • Vivienne Westwood meets Vivienne Leigh - Ru about Nicole's runway look.
  • Kathy noted that Pandora Boxx's photo was full of energy. According to her in this picture Sonique looked like Judy Garland on amphetamine and sleeping pills.

The catchphrases:

  • "The family that drags together, stays together" - Ru about Tyra'a family.
  • "Free your toes and the rest will follow" - Ru to Tatianna about her complex.
  • "Ru's teeth glowing at me" - Tatianna said during runway presentation.
  • "Her outfit was raggedy as hell" - Ru about Mystique's dress.
  • "It's all about razzle-dazzle" - Mike Ruiz said .

Entrance Order

1. Nicole Paige Brooks
2. Shangela Laquifa Wadley
3. Raven
4. Jujubee
5. Sahara Davenport
6. Morgan McMichaels
7. Mystique Summers Madison
8. Jessica Wild
9. Sonique
10. Tatianna
11. Pandora Boxx
12. Tyra Sanchez

Gone With The Wind Photoshoot

Episode 2: "Starrbootylicious"

The girls are given a mini-challenge where they're split into teams of two (with Mystique working alone, as there's an odd number of girls) and asked to give a RuPaul doll a "bad girl" makeover. RuPaul selects Sahara and Pandora as the winners, and they're made group leaders for the next challenge.

For the maxi challenge, the contestants will be split into two teams and create a burlesque performance for a Hollywood nightclub to "Tr***y Chaser" by RuPaul. Sahara selects Jessica, Jujubee, Tyra, and Mystique for her team, while Pandora picks Morgan, Sonique, Tatianna, Raven, and is left with Nicole (the last queen to be picked). Raven explains that no one wanted to pick Nicole because it's a sexy challenge and she's not sexy. Tyra says that she would have preferred working on Pandora's team, and as a result doesn't cooperate with her teammates by refusing to participate in a demonstration from two burlesque entertainers, failing to participate in her group's rehearsal, and falling asleep in the work room.

Starrbootylicious Teams
Team Pandora Team Sahara
Pandora Sahara
Morgan Jessica
Sonique Jujubee
Raven Tyra
Tatianna Mystique

When it comes time for the challenge, RuPaul reveals a twist inspired by her film Starrbooty: not only will the teams take turns performing on stage at the Hollywood club Dragonfly, but they'll also take turns selling cherry pie gift certificates from Café Audrey to people on the street. The team that makes the most money in tips at the club and in gift certificates outside will be the winner. Judging their performances in the club are the show's regular judges along with guest judge Kim Coles and extra special guest judge, burlesque performer, Dita Von Teese. While Pandora's team has a mixed performance, Sahara's team does well both inside and out despite the earlier conflict.

At the judging panel, after the runway show, Sahara's team is declared as having earned the most money during the challenge. Sahara is also announced as being the challenge winner for leading her team, while all of the girls on Pandora's team take varying amounts of criticism (with the exception of Morgan, who has immunity). Pandora's performance and leadership are praised, but her runway outfit is deemed a flop. Sonique is also praised for her dance performance, but her attitude selling pies was admonished. Raven and Nicole are noted for bringing in the least amount of money out of all eleven girls, yet Kim Coles remarks that Raven's humor is what makes her interesting. Despite Tatianna being picked out by three of her teammates as the weakest member of the team, Raven and Nicole are selected to land in the bottom two for having earned the least amount of money for the challenge. After lip syncing for their lives, Raven is saved from elimination and Ru sends Nicole home with words of encouragement, as RuPaul herself had a career in Atlanta in the 1980s.

"Who Should Go
Home Tonight?"
Queen Choice
Morgan Tatianna
Nicole All of them
Pandora Unrevealed
Raven Tatianna
Sonique Tatianna
Tatianna Morgan
  • Special Guests: Anne-Marie and Blue from United Pole Artists
  • Guest Judges: Dita Von Tesse and Kim Coles
  • Mini-Challenge: Turn "Mini-Ru" doll from a lady to a tramp in teams of two
  • Mini-Challenge Winners: Sahara Davenport & Pandora Boxx
  • Maxi Challenge: Compete to earn cash by giving 'burlesque' performances and selling gift certificates
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Sahara Davenport
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A $1,500 gift certificate to Sequin Queen and immunity from next week's elimination
  • Runway Theme: High-Class Drag
  • Bottom Two: Nicole Paige Brooks & Raven
  • Lip Sync Song: "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)" by En Vogue
  • Eliminated: Nicole Paige Brooks
  • Farewell Message: "Be Safe Bitch N.P. Brooks"

Names of Mini Ru from Mini Challenge:

Shaquanda - Mystique's doll

White Whore - Tatianna and Jessica's doll

Shafreeforal - Sahara and Pandora's doll

Cynthia - Nicole and Sonique's doll inspired by Shauna Brooks

Cherry - Tyra and Jujubee's doll

Mayhem - Morgan and Raven's doll

Popculture references:

  • According to the judges Nicole looked like Courtney Cox on the runway.
  • Eartha Kitt. Jujubee confessed that she felt like her on the runway.
  • Tatianna was giving Galliano realness aka Von Furstberg Zeta Jones.

The catchphrases:

  • "I do sassy, I don't do bitchy." said Ru in response to Sonique excuses about her rudeness.
  • "Cherry pie!"
  • "Diva is inner version of the hustler."

Episode 3: "Country Queens"

The girls enter the workroom to discover a long table, where most of the girls speculate that they will have to eat something. They're asked to play a game that RuPaul calls "Chicken, or What?", in which they participate in a blind taste test of three foods. They have to guess if what they ate was chicken or some other fried food ("what?"). The three queens with the most points are Pandora, Mystique and Morgan. As a tie breaker, the three contestants raced to see who could eat a basket of fried chicken, rabbit, alligator and deep fried cow brains the fastest. Mystique and Morgan are declared the winners. They become captains and have to form their teams for the maxi challenge.

The maxi challenge tasked the two groups with creating a commercial for Disco Extra Greasy Shortening. Mystique's team creating a commercial for fish fillets, and Morgan's team creating a commercial for fried chicken. After the leaders have cast what parts their teammates would play, and after everyone has memorized most of their lines, RuPaul reveals a twist: the queens need to swap scripts, forcing them to change their entire performance immediately.

The catchphrases:

  • "In show business the last shot of the day is the martini shot"
Character The McCoys The Hatfields
Critter Jessica Raven
Ellie Mae Jujubee Sahara
Auntie Pandora Sonique
Baby Tatianna Tyra
Grandma Mystique Morgan

During the commercial taping, guest judge Kathy Najimy serves as co-director and coaches the girls through the commercial. Mystique's team films first, and Kathy is severe in critiquing everyone; particularly, Jessica's accent and Mystique being unable to take direction well. When Morgan's team is set to film, Kathy criticizes Raven for not being funny in the part of the chicken.

At the judging panel, the girls are asked to walk in their best country outfits. They are joined by extra special guest judge Tanya Tucker. After watching the commercials, RuPaul tells them that they will be critiqued individually rather than as a team, so neither team is safe. Tyra, Raven, Jessica, Pandora, and Mystique are called out as the best and worst of the week. Jessica receives high praise for both her runway attire and her performance in the commercial. Pandora's performance is also praised, but her runway look once again fails to impress. Tyra is named the winner for doing a terrific job on the commercial and for having three different outfits on the runway. Raven and Mystique are in the bottom two; Raven for her bad performance, and Mystique for her lack of taking direction and her non-country look. Raven again stands triumphant after lip syncing for her life, and Mystique is sent home.

  • Guest Judges: Kathy Najimy and Tanya Tucker
  • Mini-Challenge: "Chicken or What?" eating contest
  • Mini-Challenge Winners: Mystique Summers Madison and Morgan McMichaels
  • Team Challenge: Act as feuding families in a TV Commercial for Disco Shortening in Country
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Tyra Sanchez
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A collection of designer bags from M. Clifford Designs and immunity from next week's elimination
  • Runway Theme: Country Realness
  • Bottom Two: Mystique Summers Madison & Raven
  • Lip Sync Song: "I Hear You Knocking" by Wynonna Judd
  • Eliminated: Mystique Summers Madison
  • Farewell Message: "Balls 2 the Walls. Fishes or Bitches. You pick. Mystique."

Episode 4: "The Snatch Game"

The contestants are given a mini challenge called "The Queen is Right," where the girls are shown drag essential items and asked to bid on how much they believe the item is worth. The contestant who comes closest to the actual price wins. There're among others pack of socks useful to fill the boobs and hemorrhoid cream useful to cover up dark circles under eyes. Raven wins the challenge, and she is rewarded by being allowed a one time call home. The queens are then asked to impersonate celebrities as part of a Match Game homage, called "Snatch Game." Alec Mapa and Phoebe Price are contestants on the show, and each girl impersonates a different celebrity, with the objective to be as funny as possible within their own character.

Queen Celebrity Impersonation Photo
Jessica Wild RuPaul SnatchGame JessicaWild.png
Jujubee Kimora Lee Simmons SnatchGame Jujubee.png
Morgan McMichaels P!nk SnatchGame MorganMcMichaels.png
Pandora Boxx Carol Channing SnatchGame PandoraBoxx.png
Raven Paris Hilton SnatchGame Raven.png
Sahara Davenport Whitney Houston SnatchGame SaharaDavenport.png
Sonique Lady Gaga SnatchGame Sonique.png
Tatianna Britney Spears SnatchGame Tatianna.png
Tyra Sanchez Beyoncé SnatchGame Tyra.png

After the gameshow, the girls walk the runway in their own personal styles. Tyra, Raven, Jessica and Sahara are all declared safe, leaving the other girls as the best and worst of the week. Both Tatianna and Pandora received high marks for their celebrity impersonations, while Morgan, Sonique and Jujubee are all criticized. Despite receiving negative critiques on her outfit, Tatianna is declared the winner of the challenge, leaving Morgan and Sonique in the bottom two for having the weakest celebrity impersonations, and to lip sync for their lives. Both girls' performances impressed RuPaul, Morgan for having the tightest lip sync performance seen on the show so far and Sonique for working the entire stage with her gymnastics. In the end, RuPaul allowed Morgan to stay, as Morgan said, "it's a lip sync competition not a gymnastic competition." Sonique is sent home. Guest judges include Lisa Rina and Niecy Nash.

  • Special Guests: Alec Mapa & Phoebe Price
  • Guest Judges: Niecy Nash & Lisa Rinna
  • Mini-Challenge: "The Queen is Right" bidding challenge
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Raven
  • Mini-Challenge Prize: A phone call home
  • Maxi Challenge: Snatch Game
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Tatianna
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A $1,000 shopping spree from Billion Dollar Babes and immunity from next week's elimination
  • Runway Theme: Personal Style
  • Bottom Two: Morgan McMichaels & Sonique
  • Lip Sync Song: "Two of Hearts" by Stacey Q
  • Eliminated: Sonique
  • Farewell Message: "☮♥ XO Son!que "Trust" "

Popculture references:

  • Sonique said that her drag is based on PINK.
  • Ru compared Tyra's voice to Bea Arthur and Weezy Jefferson.
  • In Snatch Game Pandora Boxx was Carol Channing (from Throughly Modern Millie Era), Tatianna embodied Britney Spears, Morgan McMicheals - PINK, Sonique - Lady Gaga (Ru noted that judges were not gagging on that Gaga,), Tyra pretended to be Sasha Fierce, Jujubee - Kimora Lee, Raven - Paris Hilton, Sahara Davenport - Whitney Houston from Bobby Brown Era and Jessica Wild goes for Ru!
  • The host of the show revealed one her favourite quotes from Carol Channing, which is Corn! I don't remember eating corn! Tyra in turn admitted that she has a great love for Beyonce.

Episode 5: "Here Comes the Bride"

The contestants are given a mini challenge to decorate a white box using provided supplies and an item borrowed from another queen, which Raven wins. RuPaul then announces the maxi challenge of the week. The girls are going to create their very own wedding dress by altering weddings dresses provided to them. As an additional twist to the challenge, the queens will be shooting wedding portraits using not only their girl drag, but their best guy drag as well by posing as both bride and groom for the portraits. Raven gets first pick of her wedding dress to alter, and then gets to pick the order the rest of the girls pick their dresses out in as well. After each contestant poses both as bride and groom for their photos, they then walk the runway in their wedding dress creations. Raven, Jujubee, and Tyra receive high praise for their dresses, while Tatianna, Morgan, and Sahara receive harsher critiques. RuPaul asks the girls to tell them anything that the judges may not be seeing on the runway, and Tatianna, Juju, and Pandora call out Tyra for her insensitivity and lack of respect for her fellow contestants, leading to a huge argument regarding Tyra's character. Despite the accusations, Tyra is declared the winner of the challenge. With Tatianna having immunity from the last challenge, RuPaul places Sahara and Morgan in the bottom two to lip sync for their lives. Sahara wins the lip sync with her balletic performance, causing Ru to "raise the roof" and leaving Morgan spinning and confused. Hence, Morgan is eliminated. Guest judges include Mathu Andersen and Martha Wash.

  • Special Guest: Joe Wilson
  • Guest Judges: Mathu Andersen & Martha Wash
  • Mini-Challenge: Decorate a box in your drag style and use something borrowed from another contestant
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Raven
  • Maxi Challenge: Design a wedding dress and dress up as the bride and groom in a wedding photoshoot
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Tyra Sanchez
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A five night vacation at the Hyatt in Palm Springs, CA and immunity from next week's elimination
  • Bottom Two: Morgan McMichaels & Sahara Davenport
  • Lip Sync Song: "Carry On" by Martha Wash
  • Eliminated: Morgan McMichaels
  • Farewell Message: "All you have to do is DREAM! Morgan XOXO!"

Groom and Bride Photoshoot

Episode 6: "Rocker Chicks"

The girls arrive to RuPaul giving them a mini challenge in which they must style a wig, giving it a glam rock makeover. Pandora is declared winner. RuPaul reveals the remaining contestants a very special and very unique challenge. They must create a rocker chick outfit and perform live vocals to a rock and roll cover to RuPaul's Ladyboy. Jujubee and Jessica are excited by the challenge, seeing it as their chance to shine, as Jessica had previously sung with a band in Puerto Rico, and Jujubee has a great singing voice. Tatianna is less than enthused due to a fear of public singing. The girls get one-on-one 10 minute rehearsal time with Terri Nunn from Berlin (band) to help them prepare for their performance. As part of winning the challenge, Pandora gets 20 minutes of rehearsal time. On elimination day, instead of the usual runway, the girls each take their turn performing their rock song for the judges and a small crowd. Jessica, Pandora, and Raven perform very well. Tatianna, despite her initial fears, surprises everyone and gives a solid performance as well. Sahara comes out screeching and stumbles over several the lyrics. Tyra comes out in the style of Beyoncé and performs like her, singing and breathing deeply. Unfortunately, much to everyone's shock, Jujubee chokes at the last second from a lack of confidence in the lyrics and ends up botching most of the song. The judges praise Jessica, Pandora and Raven, and critique Jujubee for her nervousness, Sahara for being too girly and chic (who gets defensive towards Merle Ginsberg who wanted to see more), Tatianna for depending on her body and Tyra for not being rock enough and concerned with her look more than with the music. Jessica is declared the winner, but RuPaul informs the girls that she has removed the girl's immunity award, and no queen is safe from elimination in the next round. Jujubee and Sahara fall to the bottom. During their lip sync of Black Velvet, Sahara starts dancing ballet with kicks and pirouettes. Jujubee gives a sultry performance which includes falling to the floor and crying aloud, capturing the essence of the song, thus managing to lip sync her way back into the competition, and Sahara is eliminated. Guest judges include Henry Rollins and Terri Nunn.

  • Guest Judges: Terri Nunn and Henry Rollins
  • Mini-Challenge: Give a wig a glam rock makeover.
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Pandora Boxx
  • Maxi Challenge: Give a live rock performance of "Lady Boy" by RuPaul
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Jessica Wild
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A $1,000 shopping spree
  • Bottom Two: Jujubee & Sahara Davenport
  • Lip Sync Song: "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles
  • Eliminated: Sahara Davenport
  • Farewell Message: "Live, Love and Believe!!! XO. Sahara"

Popculture references:

  • Jessica Wild's hairstyle from mini challenge was similar to "Jem and Holograms"'s style.
  • Pandora Boxx was compared to Susan Lucci of this competition.
  • Sahara's wig from mini challenge reminded Ru of Pat Benatar.

Episode 7: "Once Upon a Queen"

The remaining girls are given a mini challenge where they "read" (insult) the other contestants. The girls have no trouble cutting each other over anything from physical flaws to personalities, with Tatianna being the exception by forfeiting halfway through. Jujubee wins the mini challenge, and RuPaul then gives the girls their maxi challenge for the week. Each contestant is to create an autobiography book cover and title that represents their own personal stories about how doing drag has impacted their lives.

Queen Book Title
Jessica Wild Jessica Wild: Dreams of a Golden Child
Jujubee Memoirs of a Gay-Sha: Jujubee’s Journey, I’m Still Here!
Pandora Boxx Out of the Boxx: How Drag Saved My Life.
Raven Young, Broke, and Fabulous: The Pursuit of Finding Your Inner Trust Fund.
Tatianna Tati: From Teen Queen to Drag Superstar!
Tyra Sanchez The Woman in Me: A Guide to Letting Go of the Past, Accepting the Present, and Looking Forward to a Better Future

As an additional challenge, the girls field questions via a satellite interview, where they must not only present their autobiography but also promote a new Absolut alcoholic beverage. Raven and Jujubee had excellent interviews, while Jessica oversold the drink and Tatianna forgot to promote her drink before time ran out. For the main runway, the girls were asked to dress up in outfits to wear to the world premiere of their book launching party. For having the best book cover and interview, Raven won the challenge, although Jujubee was also highly praised. Tyra also, in general, received positive feedback, although her book cover was criticized. Pandora forgot to include the brand name of the drink in her interview and her outfit was criticized harshly by Santino, but she was ultimately declared safe. It was Jessica and Tatianna who fell into the bottom two due to the poorest book covers, shaky interviews, and less than favorable runway attire. Jackie Collins disliked Tatianna's book name and cover, and the judges commented that her outfit looked like "jailbait". Nobody enjoyed Jessica's book cover and her interview was deemed "trainwreck territory". During the lip sync, Jessica danced wildly while Tatianna kept a smooth slow demeanor. After lip-syncing for their lives RuPaul shocked everyone, including Tatianna, by allowing Tatianna to stay and eliminating Jessica from the competition. Guest judges include Gigi Levangie and Jackie Collins.

  • Mini-Challenge: Reading is Fundamental
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Jujubee
  • Maxi Challenge: Come up with and promote a concept for an autobiography
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Raven
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: a shopping spree at L.A. Eyeworks
  • Bottom Two: Jessica Wild & Tatianna
  • Lip Sync Song: "He's the Greatest Dancer" by Sister Sledge
  • Eliminated: Jessica Wild
  • Farewell Message: "I love you girls! Viva P.R.! JW."

Episode 8: "Golden Gals"

This week's challenges focused entirely on age. For the mini challenge, the girls had to match all 12 of this season's contestants to their baby pictures, including their own. The maxi challenge consisted of the girls taking older gay men and transforming them into their drag mothers for the runway. The contestants were also expected to perform a lip sync with their mothers to RuPaul's song "Main Event." Tatianna got to pick who each girl would be teamed up with as her reward for winning the mini challenge. Each girl had different problems they had to overcome while working with their drag mothers, from Raven's partner being overly hairy to Tatianna's partner having a bad leg. After their performances, the girls were judged based on their transformation of their partner into drag queens as well as their lip sync performance.

Queen Drag Mother
Jujubee Contessa Touchė
Pandora Boxx Litter Boxx
Raven Golda Lamė
Tatianna Annalisha
Tyra Sanchez Big Tyra

Raven won the challenge due to her having the most dramatic makeover out of everyone. Raven made no effort to hide her smugness about winning over Tatianna to the cameras. Pandora was once again criticized on her outfits and not being bold enough for the judges' taste, claiming that her own drag mother upstaged her in humor. It was her and Jujubee, for her shaky lip sync performance with her drag mother, that fell into the bottom two. After being consistently safe through the challenges up until now, Pandora was eliminated and Jujubee joined the ranks of the final four girls in the competition. Entertainment Weekly called Pandora's elimination, "the most controversial elimination of the season." Guest judges include Debbie Reynolds, Cloris Leachman and NYX Cosmetics founder Toni Ko.

  • Mini-Challenge: Quickly match the season's 12 contestants with their baby pictures
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Tatianna
  • Maxi Challenge: Transform older men into drag mothers and perform a lip sync duet with them
  • Maxi Challenge Winner: Raven
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: a 4-day 3-night stay and massage at East Canyon Hotel in Palm Springs, CA
  • Bottom Two: Jujubee & Pandora Boxx
  • Lip Sync Song: "Shake Your Love" by Debbie Gibson
  • Eliminated: Pandora Boxx
  • Farewell Message: "Lick this Boxx, bitch. XOXO Love you all Pandora Boxx"

Episode 9: "The Diva Awards"

This week's challenges focused on creating polished looks for different events. For their mini-challenge, the queens had to style and accessorize identical dresses without cutting or gluing them. Whilst Jujubee is praised for being fully made up and padded and Tyra for making her own clutch bag and looking very elegant, Raven is criticized for her boots, and the other girls think that Tatianna over accessorized. Ru eventually names Tyra the winner, and she is placed in charge of choreographing an opening number for The Diva Awards, where the queens must put together three looks for three different Diva Award ceremonies:

  • The Teen Diva Awards, where the queens must dress like teen idols.
  • The Diva DC Press Awards, where the queens must pull out executive realness looks,
  • The Diva Hollywood Extravaganza Awards, where the queens are expected to wear their most glamorous.

During their preparations, Juju and Raven team up to make sure they both get into the final, Tyra begins to make a gown completely out of fur, much to the other girls bemusement and annoyance due to the amount of fur coming off the fabric, and Tatianna takes a while to start working due to her inexperience in making gowns. In giving his critiques, Ru questions Tyra's fur gown, tells Raven that she needs to bring everything she's learned about drag to this challenge, worries that Jujubee's eleganza look is too understated and criticizes Tatianna for making excuses despite being so far on in the competition. This week's guest judges include Tatum O'Neal and Marissa Jaret Winokur. During their opening number, Jujubee misses some of the steps but is praised for keeping poised. Both Raven and Tyra receive high marks for their looks and 'award show speeches', whilst Jujubee's eleganza look is criticized for looking too much like a costume and out of Tatianna's outfits, the only one the judges liked was her executive realness look. Ru names Tyra the winner, whilst Jujubee and Tatianna lip-sync to "Something He Can Feel" by Aretha Franklin. Jujubee gives a poised performance, whilst Tatianna decides to sing the backing vocals, leading her to be sent home, giving Jujubee a place in the final three along with Tyra and Raven.

Top Three of Season 2

Queens Challenge Wins Up for Elimination
0 3
(Eps. 6, 8, 9)
(Eps. 7, 8)
(Eps. 2, 3)
Tyra Sanchez
(Eps. 3, 5, 9)

Pop-culture references:

  • Raven looked like Rihanna in mini-challenge; however, Ru said that he is never a fan of scrunch boots as long as you not tall enough. He considers himself as tall enough for these boots, but not Raven.
  • Teen Awards/Jujubee looked liked she was from Baldwin Hills or BET Awards.
  • Executive Realness/ According to Ru, Raven looked like Leslie Stahl, speaker of the house, Jujubee - Nancy Pelosi. In Hollywood Extravaganza, Raven was similar to Anjelica Huston.

Episode 10: "The Main Event Clip Show"

Highlights and outtakes from the second season's first nine episodes. The episode opens up with RuPaul standing alone in a balloon-filled room, singing her song "Main Event" while a montage of clips from the season are shown. Then RuPaul shows never-before-seen pre-show audition clips of all the eliminated girls so far which included Shangela cleaning a car, Nicole Paige Brooks with her son, Mystique explaining her "two-piece and a biscuit", Sonique's outfits and wardrobe, Morgan McMichaels using a back alley as a runway, Sahara Davenport dancing on stage, Jessica speaking about what drag means to her, Pandora's hilarious antics, and Tatianna's sheer femininity.

Then season 1 contestants Ongina, Shannel, and season 1 winner BeBe Zahara Benet join RuPaul as she counts down the top ten most unforgettable fits and fashions from the season. Ru's picks for the Top Ten Fits and Fashions on the Runway were:

  • 10. Mystique Summers Madison's splits and drops
  • 9. Tatianna's high class purple gown from Episode 2
  • 8. Jujubee's high class pink gown from Episode 2
  • 7. Jessica Wild's country realness outfit from Episode 3
  • 6. The stylings of the judges and guest judges
  • 5. The queens' Rockstar looks from Episode 6
  • 4. Raven's book launch party dress from Episode 7
  • 3. Tyra's three-part country ensemble from Episode 3
  • 2. Tatianna vs. Tyra on the main stage in Episode 5
  • 1. RuPaul's various judging panel gowns

After, RuPaul reveals some never-before-seen, behind the scenes moments including the queens impersonating each other, the contestants' family relationships and the unseen moments on the main stage. Then RuPaul gave us a fast-forward flashback recap of the entire season, followed by an up close and personal look at the final 3 (Tyra, Jujubee & Raven).

Episode 11: "Music Video Finale"

Merle and Santino arrive to tell the last three queens about their final challenge - dressing in their best 80s outfits and shooting the music video for RuPaul's next single: "Jealous of My Boogie." They will work with guests who include reality star Robert Verdi, who will help the girls with fashion, make-up artist Mathu Anderson, who will direct the video and choreographer Ryan Heffington, who will coach them in a small fight sequence a la Dynasty.[5] Each queen meets with RuPaul, who is dressed in drag, as their male selves, and speak. Tyra tells RuPaul that he wishes to win for the sake of his son. Jujubee reflects on his father's death, and Raven speaks about how his parents divorcing and his mother's heartbreak affected him.

During the shoot, each girl is given a certain script, where they confront RuPaul and get slapped. Raven forgets lines and Jujubee is very exaggerated. Mathu suggests that Tyra act hurt when RuPaul shuts her down. Mathu's accent makes him sound like he is saying hood and Tyra asks how "hood". RuPaul is delighted that it could work and they proceed.

At the elimination, RuPaul says Jujubee has star power and is clearly the most intelligent of the girls, but Merle disagreed and believed Tyra to be. Jujubee is eliminated first, due to her outfit and her perceived lack of drag iconography in fashion and beauty compared to the other two girls. Raven and Tyra are left, both being praised highly by the judges, who comment on Raven's 'superstar' quality and Tyra's glamour and tenacity. The two queens must lip sync to "Jealous of My Boogie". In the confessional, Raven says that she will continue to perform as she always has, and remains on the stage giving a solid performance. Tyra spins, throws off part of her outfit, goes to the judges table and sings to them, and finally ends with a split. RuPaul announces that Tyra Sanchez is the winner of the Season Two contest, with Raven as runner-up. Raven congratulates her and the girls hug, but Tyra collapses on the floor struggling to breathe from being so shocked. In the confessional she laughs that she 'forgot to breathe.' After the show, as witnessed in the last episode of RuPaul's Drag Race Untucked, Raven refuses to speak to Tyra and writes a negative comment on the mirror insinuating that Tyra will never be a star. Tyra laughs and says that she already is a star as she won the contest.

  • Maxi Challenge: Shooting a music video for "Jealous Of My Boogie (Gomi & RasJek Edit)" and acting in a scripted scene with RuPaul inspired by the TV show Dynasty
  • Eliminated: Jujubee
  • Farewell Message: "You are your own worst critic... let go, forgive, & live. Love, Juju B."
  • Top Two: Raven & Tyra Sanchez
  • Lip Sync Song: "Jealous Of My Boogie (Gomi & RasJek Edit)" by Rupaul
  • Runner-Up: Raven
  • Farewell Message: "Keep your eyes on the stars... you'll never be one - Raven"
  • Winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2: Tyra Sanchez

Episode 12: "Reunion"

Season 2 cast reunite to talk about their journey and The Miss Congeniality Award Winner is announced. Shangela reflects on what happened after (She won the 2010 California Entertainer of the Year award after taping had wrapped). Nicole Paige Brooks reveals that she was disappointed in Raven for talking bad about her when Nicole believed they were friends. Mystique claims she left the race because she felt her mother's safety was in danger, while she worked in Mexico. Sonique breaks down and then emotionally reveals that she has been unhappy with her life as a queen and so has begun taking hormones to transition from male to female. Morgan reveals that she and Mystique have made up, after their fight from the first episode of Untucked.

The second half of contestants come out and Sahara Davenport discusses her family's positive reaction to her drag lifestyle and talks about the fan mail she received. Jessica Wild laughs about her language problems and mentions the fan mail she has received including inspiring a mother to be more accepting of her son. Tatianna and Raven argue extensively over Raven's comments that Tatianna relied on her looks in the competition. Tatianna is hurt and Raven remains angry, but she apologizes and they later hug it out at Ru's insistence. Ru asks Pandora Boxx about her admission of attempting suicide in the past, and Pandora takes comfort in the huge fan response. Jujubee discusses being a 'gaysian' and her family's pride in her. Several of the girls become emotional as Pandora tearfully tells of her father watching the show and calling her to say that he was proud of her just a few weeks before his death. The queens reflect on Tyra's victory and her change to a kinder, quieter demeanor. Tyra reveals she has used some of the prize money to straighten her teeth. RuPaul announces the Miss Congeniality Award, with Pandora Boxx winning in a landslide. The queens all dance together for the last time.

  • Miss Congeniality Winner: Pandora Boxx



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