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The first season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars was officially announced on March 12, 2012 with a Facebook voting opening to decide one of the cast members[1] which closed on March 31, 2012.[2] Season 4 winner Sharon Needles placed 1st in the voting, but declined the invitation to compete.[3] Pandora Boxx, who placed 2nd in the voting, was then selected as Sharon's replacement to participate and was the first contestant announced.[4]

The cast of All Stars 1 was announced on August 6, 2012.[5] The season premiered on October 22, 2012.[6] The winner walked out with a spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame, a crown, a supply of MAC Cosmetics, a one-of-a-kind trip courtesy of Al and, and a cash prize of $100,000.

On November 26, 2012, Chad Michaels was crowned the winner of All Stars 1 and was inducted into the Drag Race Hall of Fame. Raven placed as runner-up.


AS1 Cast

(Biographical information stated from during time of contest)

Contestant Photo Age Original
All Stars Outcome
Chad Michaels Chad Michaels AllStarst 41 Season 4 2nd/3rd Place
1st Place
Raven Raven All Starst 33 Season 2 2nd Place
2nd Place
Jujubee Jujubee AllStarst 28 Season 2 3rd Place 3rd/4th Place
Shannel Shannel All Starst 33 Season 1 4th Place
Alexis Mateo Alexis Mateo AllStarst 33 Season 3 3rd Place 5th/6th Place
Yara Sofia Yara Sofia All Starst 28 Season 3 4th Place
(Miss C.)
Latrice Royale Latrice Royale AllStarst 39 Season 4 4th Place
(Miss C.)
7th/8th Place
Manila Luzon Manila Luzon All Starsf 31 Season 3 2nd Place
Nina Flowers Nina Flowers All Starsf 38 Season 1 2nd Place
(Runner-Up) (Miss C.)
9th/10th Place
Tammie Brown Tammie Brown All Starfs 31 Season 1 8th Place
Mimi Imfurst Mimi Imfurst AllStarsf 29 Season 3 11th Place 11th/12th Place
Pandora Boxx Pandora Boxx AllStarst 39 Season 2 5th Place
(Miss C.)

Team Progress[]

Rank Team Photo Contestant Original
Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6
Improv Make
Ball Finale
Chad Michaels Season 4 Runner-Up BTM2 HIGH WIN WIN WIN WINNER
Raven Season 2 Runner-Up HIGH LOW
Jujubee Season 2 3rd BTM2 BTM2 ELIM
Shannel Season 1 4th BTM2 HIGH WIN WIN WIN ELIM
5th/6th Team
Alexis Mateo Season 3 3rd LOW WIN LOW
Yara Sofia Season 3 4th
7th/8th Team
Latrice Royale Season 4 4th WIN BTM2 ELIM
Manila Luzon Season 3 Runner-Up BTM2 ELIM
9th/10th Team
Nina Flowers Season 1 Runner-Up SAFE ELIM
Tammie Brown Season 1 8th ELIM
Mimi Imfurst Season 3 11th ELIM
Pandora Boxx Season 2 5th ELIM
The contestant won RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars.
The contestant placed as a runner-up.
The contestant was not chosen to compete in the final lip sync.
The team won the maxi challenge.
The team received mostly positive critiques, but did not win the maxi challenge.
The team received mostly negative critiques, but was not up for elimination.
The contestant's team was up for elimination, and both team members lip synced against each other, but neither were eliminated.
The contestant's team was up for elimination, they did not lip sync for their team, and their teammate won the "Lip Sync For Your Life".
The contestant's team was up for elimination, they lip synced for their team, and won the "Lip Sync For Your Life".
The contestant's team was up for elimination, they did not lip sync for their team, their teammate lost the "Lip Sync For Your Life", and was eliminated.
The contestant's team was up for elimination, they lip synced for their team, lost the "Lip Sync For Your Life", and was eliminated.


Series # Episode # Episode Title Airdate
1 1 It Takes Two October 22, 2012
2 2 RuPaul's Gaff-In October 29, 2012
3 3 Queens Behaving Badly November 5, 2012
4 4 All-Star Girl Groups November 12, 2012
5 5 Dynamic Drag Duos November 19, 2012
6 6 The Grand Finale November 26, 2012

Episode 1: "It Takes Two"[]

Airdate: October 22, 2012

Synopsis: The twelve returning queens are surprised to learn they will be competing in teams of two and that both team members will be eliminated together in RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars season 1.


Episode 1 Judges

Entrance Order

1 Pandora Boxx
2 Latrice Royale
3 Yara Sofia
4 Shannel
5 Raven
6 Alexis Mateo
7 Chad Michaels
8 Manila Luzon
9 Mimi Imfurst
10 Nina Flowers
11 Jujubee
12 Tammie Brown

Choices for Team

Contestant Round 1 Round 2 Team Name
Alexis Mateo Shannel Yara Sofia Yarlexis
Chad Michaels Shannel Shad
Jujubee Raven Rujubee
Latrice Royale Nina Flowers Manila Luzon Latrila
Manila Luzon Latrice Royale Latrice Royale Latrila
Mimi Imfurst Chad Michaels Pandora Boxx Mandora
Nina Flowers Tammie Brown Brown Flowers
Pandora Boxx Jujubee Manila Luzon Mandora
Raven Jujubee Rujubee
Shannel Chad Michaels Shad
Tammie Brown Nina Flowers Brown Flowers
Yara Sofia Alexis Mateo Alexis Mateo Yarlexis
The contestants chose each other.
The contestants didn't match with anyone so they became a Team by default.

Opposites Attract Photoshoot

Half Baked Photoshoot

Episode 2: "RuPaul's Gaff-In"[]

Airdate: October 29, 2012

Synopsis: This episode the queens' teams write original comedy material for a Laugh-In style sketch show. For the show the queens delivered celebrity impersonations. On the runway the queens serve their best mod looks.

  • Guest Judges: Busy Phillips and Vicki Lawrence
  • Mini Challenge: In Da Butt Ru: Predict how their partners answer a series of questions
  • Mini Challenge Winners: Team Rujubee
  • Maxi Challenge: Perform and write original jokes doing celebrity impersonations for RuPaul's Gaff-In
  • Runway Theme: 60s Glam
  • Maxi Challenge Winners: Team Yarlexis
  • Maxi Challenge Prize: A set of custom jewelery from Fierce Drag Jewels for each
  • Bottom Two: Team Brown Flowers and Team Latrila
  • Lip Sync Song: "There's No Business Like Show Business" by Ethel Merman
  • Lip Sync Contestants: Latrice Royale & Tammie Brown
  • Eliminated: Team Brown Flowers
Contestant Celebrity
Team Brown
Tammie Brown Tammy Faye Messner TammieAS1
Nina Flowers La Lupe NinaLupeAS
Team Latrila Latrice Royale Oprah Winfrey LatriceAS1
Manila Luzon Madonna ManilaAS (1)
Team Rujubee Raven Bea Arthur BeaRaven
Jujubee Fran Drescher JujubeeAS1
Team Shad Shannel Lucille Ball LucilleShannel
Chad Michaels Bette Davis ChadAS (1)
Team Yarlexis Yara Sofia Charo YaraAS (1)
Alexis Mateo Shakira AlexisAS1

Episode 3: "Queens Behaving Badly"[]

Airdate: November 5, 2012

Synopsis: The remaining queens hit the street as they entice strangers to help them earn points in challenges fed to them by earpiece by their teammate.


Episode 3 Judges

Episode 4: "All-Star Girl Groups"[]

Airdate: November 12, 2012

Synopsis: The remaining teams pair up with celebrity daughters to form a girl group. On the main stage, the teams perform before deliberations.

Girl Groups

Team Group Name Celebrity's Daughter Daughter of Photo RuPaul Song
Team Yarlexis Fanny Shosha Kelly Osbourne Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne FannyShoshaAS1 Cover Girl (Put The Bass In Your Walk)
Team Shad Savage Sisters Jillian Hervey Vanessa Williams SavageSistersAS1 Glamazon
Team Rujubee V3 Kady Z Pia Zadora V3AS1 Jealous of My Boogie

Episode 5: "Dynamic Drag Duos"[]

Airdate: November 19, 2012

Synopsis: The remaining All Stars turn their drag personas into drag superheroes and super villains complete with original lore.


Episode 5 Judges

Top Four of Season 1

Contestant Challenge Wins Up for Elimination
(Eps. 3, 4, 5)
(Ep. 1)
0 3
(Eps. 3, 4, 5)
0 3
(Eps. 3, 4, 5)
(Eps. 3, 4, 5)
(Ep. 1)

Episode 6: "The Grand Finale"[]

Airdate: November 26, 2012

Synopsis: In the finale episode, the remaining all stars run a gauntlet through the city of Los Angeles before they hit the main stage in their best drag. A winner is decided.

  • Special Guests: Delta Work, Marc Malkin, and Ongina
  • Guest Judges: Beth Ditto and Cheri Oteri
  • Maxi Challenge: Drag on a Time (group interview session, public appearances at Hamburger Mary's and a stand-up comedy routine)
  • Eliminated: Jujubee and Shannel
  • Top Two: Chad Michaels and Raven
  • Lip Sync Song: "Responsitrannity (Matt's Pop Edit)" by RuPaul
  • Winner of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 1: Chad Michaels
  • Runner-Up: Raven


  • This is the only season...
    • To have two queens eliminated together in more than one episode.
    • To use the 'buzzer' to stop a lip sync and replace one of the lip-syncing queens with their team member. However, this was only used once during the course of the season by Yara Sofia.
    • To have someone in the top 2 not win a single main challenge.
    • To not have a song challenge where the queens perform a remix of a RuPaul song (in terms of All Stars seasons).
  • This season is the first of any drag competition to have teams.
  • This season is the first season of All Stars to...
    • ...not have a reunion episode; the second being All Stars 3, the third being All Stars 4, and the on fourth being All Stars 5.
    • have contestants return for another All Stars season.
      • This season also hold the record for most contestants return for another All Stars season, with 7.
  • On October 19, 2012, Logo's Facebook page released to users who liked the page a 44-minute preview of episode one.
  • This season, along with first season of the main show are the only seasons of the franchise not to feature Snatch Game, although this season does have a similar impersonation based challenge in the second episode, the Joke Wall.
  • The first episode was dedicated to Sahara Davenport from Season 2, who had died three weeks earlier.
  • This is the shortest season to date, with 6 episodes.
  • The lip-sync assassin of All Stars Season 1 was Team Rujubee. Raven eliminated Team Yarlexis (Yara Sofia and Alexis Mateo) and Jujubee eliminated Team Latrila (Latrice Royale and Manila Luzon). The team also had a double shantay in episode 5.
  • This season featured the most Miss Congeniality winners, at four (Nina Flowers, Pandora Boxx, Yara Sofia and Latrice Royale).
  • Many fans were disappointed with this season due to the teaming format and unfair pairings that resulted in queens such as Pandora Boxx and Nina Flowers, many of whom thought would make it far, going home early. Because of this, a long hiatus was taken from All Stars, until 2016 when All Stars 2 aired, and the format has not been replicated since.
    • Many of the queens on the show were also disappointed with the format of the show, notably in All Stars 2 when the queens protested the idea of making teams prior to the announcement of the new format, as well as Team Latrila's return on All Stars 4 when Monét X Change commented "we all saw how [All Stars 1] turned out."


Gallery pic
Check out the lookbook gallery to see the contestants' looks from each episode.


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