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This article is about content that has yet to be released. Some of the information may be inaccurate or likely to change.

Season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars was officially announced on August 19, 2019, via Social Media and VH1's Press Website.[1] The press-release noted that this season will feature the "franchise’s most notable queens ... to prove to Mama Ru why they deserve the crown and a coveted spot in the "' Drag Race Hall of Fame.'"

Rumored Queens

These 10 queens are rumored to have filmed All-Stars 5, as many of them have had gigs canceled that occurred at the time of filming (June 10 to early July) as well as a notable disappearance from social media.

Photo Contestant Original
All stars Alexis Alexis Mateo Season 3 3rd
All Stars 1 5th/6th
Blair S10 Blair St. Clair Season 10 9th
DerrickCastMug Derrick Barry Season 8 5th
India-mug India Ferrah Season 3 10th
All stars Jujubee Jujubee Season 2 3rd
All Stars 1 3rd/4th
Mariah-mug Mariah Balenciaga Season 3 9th
Mayhem S10 Mayhem Miller Season 10 10th
Miz S10 Miz Cracker Season 10 5th
Tumblr mb8kjdL1GC1r1emlm Ongina Season 1 5th
SheaCouleeMug Shea Couleé Season 9 3rd/4th



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