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This article is created based on content or information that is only based in speculation or just partially confirmed to be factual. So take all of this with a grain of salt.

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The eighth season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars has yet to be officially announced, but is heavily rumored to have begun filming in early July 2022.

Rumored Contestants

These queens are rumored to be filming All Stars 8, as many of them have notably disappeared from social media and their in-person gigs during time of the filming, beginning July 2022.

(Stage names and ages stated from during time of contest)

Contestant Photo Age Original
Alexis Michelle AlexisS9.jpg 37 Season 9 5th Place
Darienne Lake DarienneS6promo.jpg 50 Season 6 4th Place
Heidi N Closet HeidiNCloset.jpg 27 Season 12 6th Place
(Miss C.)
Jaymes Mansfield JaymesS9.jpg 32 Season 9 14th Place
Jessica Wild JessicaWild.png 42 Season 2 6th Place
Jimbo JimboUKvsTW.jpeg 38 Canada Season 1 4th Place
UKvsTW Season 1 7th Place
Kahanna Montrese Kahanna Montrese.jpg 28 Season 11 14th Place
Kandy Muse KandyMuse.jpg 27 Season 13 2nd Place
LaLa Ri LaLaRi.jpg 31 Season 13 10th Place
(Miss C.)
Monica Beverly Hillz MonicaS5.jpg 37 Season 5 12th Place
Mrs. Kasha Davis KashaS7promo.jpg 51 Season 7 11th Place
Naysha Lopez NayshaS8.jpg 37 Season 8 9th Place


  • If the cast rumors are true, this will be the first All Stars season...
    • only include one Runner-Up, Kandy Muse.
    • not include a queen from a previous All Stars season since All Stars 4.
    • be primarily made up of queens that did not advance far in their original season.
  • If the cast rumors are true, this will be the second All Stars season...
    • include a queen from an international season, Jimbo.
    • cast a queen that appeared as a Lip Sync Assassin on a previous season, Jessica Wild and Heidi N Closet.