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This article is created based on content or information that is only based in speculation or just partially confirmed to be factual. So take all of this with a grain of salt.

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Season 1 of RuPaul's Drag Race Superstars is rumored to be filming in LA, notably featuring a cast of only previous winners of the Drag Race franchise. This season has yet to be confirmed by any reliable news media outlets; because of this, the official series name may be different from the one present here.

Rumored Contestants

These queens are rumored to be filming Superstars 1, as many of them have notably disappeared from social media and tour events during time of the filming, beginning late-June 2021. The cast of rumored contestants has not been solidified, so the list may change.

(Biographical information stated from during time of contest)

Contestant Photo Real Name Age Original
Jaida Essence Hall JaidaEssenceHall.jpg Jared Johnson 34 Season 12 Winner
Jinkx Monsoon JinkxS5.jpg Jerick Hoffer 33 Season 5 Winner
Monét X Change MonetXChangeAS4.jpg Kevin Bertin 31 Season 10 6th
(Miss C.)
All Stars 4 Winner
Raja RajaS3.jpg Sutan Amrull 47 Season 3 Winner
Shea Couleé SheaCouleéAllStars5.jpg Jaren Marrell 32 Season 9 3rd/4th
All Stars 5 Winner
The Vivienne TheVivienne.jpg James Williams 29 UK
Season 1
Trinity The Tuck TrinityTaylorAS4.jpg Ryan Taylor 36 Season 9 3rd/4th
All Stars 4 Winner
Yvie Oddly Yvie Oddly.jpg Jovan Bridges 27 Season 11 Winner