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Season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race UK was officially announced November 7, 2019 on social media to be casting through World of Wonder until November 15, 2019.[1] Production for this season was put on hold after filming began due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[2]

Rumored Contestants

These queens are rumoured to be filming Season 2, as many of them have had gigs cancelled that occurred at the time of filming as well as a notable disappearance from social media (before filming was put on hold).

Queen Photo Current City Status
A'Whora A'WhoraRumored London RUMORED
Asttina Mandella AsttinaRumored London CONFIRMED
Bimini Bon Boulash BiminiRumored London RUMORED
Cherry Valentine CherryRumored Manchester CONFIRMED
Ellie Diamond EllieRumored Dundee CONFIRMED
Ginny Lemon GinnyRumored Birmingham RUMORED
Joe Black JoeRumored Brighton CONFIRMED
Lawrence Chaney LawrenceRumored Glasgow RUMORED
Sister Sister SisterRumored Liverpool RUMORED
Tayce TayceRumored London CONFIRMED
Tia Kofi TiaRumored London CONFIRMED


  • Michelle Visage accidentally leaked some of the cast during an Instagram live, where some of the rumored queens are posted on the wall.[3]



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