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The third season of RuPaul's Drag Race UK was officially announced on November 2, 2020 as the casting call was sent out via social media with an application due date of November 14, 2020. It is presumed filming began in Mid-February 2021 and will air in Late 2021 as announced.[1]

Rumoured Contestants

Veronica Green was offered a spot on this season after being removed from the competition in UK Season 2 due to testing positive for COVID-19. It has yet to be confirmed whether she will take part.

Photo Queen Current City
147296711 462881628470657 8114692019321084233.jpg Anubis Finch Brighton, UK
125368757 1385353165189998 3054731951999504875 n.jpg Charity Kase London, UK
132203681 3623776431039311 2760168407279320556 .jpg Choriza May Newcastle, UK
5E0FEBDC-17B1-426B-B86E-580C60AF6D92.jpeg Elektra Fence London, UK
123244641 368149971091227 960750555666144166 n.jpg Ella Vaday London, UK
106103781 3311327845622848 3244540089565787390 n.jpg Freida Slaves London, UK
122623596 1686807224818790 5437514517910028078 nn.jpg Kitty Scott-Claus London, UK
121072293 621712815163722 3672515742996341699 n.jpg Krystal Versace London, UK
122270912 863323857753796 4478862093940504052 n.jpg River Medway London, UK
6B9EE926-9A81-4F6A-8491-B43CDDAC3DB2.jpeg Scarlett Harlett London, UK
20210302 003011.jpg Silly Gal Leeds, UK
143614951 1836304326520085 9024487749437776089n.jpg Vanity Milan London, UK
VeronicaGreenCastMug.jpg Veronica Green London, UK
092840C6-9AFC-40EF-8463-6F6BD2963CC9.jpeg Victoria Scone Cardiff, UK


  • If the rumours are true, this is the first UK Season...
    • To have 10 contestants from London.
    • To have a returning contestant from a previous season (Veronica Green from Series 2)
    • To have an AFAB Drag Artist (Victoria Scone)
    • To have 14 contestants.
  • If the rumours are true, this is the second UK Season...
    • to air in 2021, after Series 2.




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