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The following is a list of rules detailing the guidelines and requirements for commenting on this Wikia.


Trash Talking/ Queen Bashing

You are allowed to not like certain queens. Of course, you aren't going to love them all, and you're allowed to express your opinion. However, there is a certain limit on how far you go with your comments. If you do not like a queen, simply type "I do not like her" or give a constructive comment about why you may not like her. Straight up trash talking or slandering a queen in any way will not be tolerated. Any comments bashing any queen will be deleted, and the user will suffer consequences depending on the severity of the comment. It is fine to state your opinion as long as it isn't overly negative or taken to far (i.e. name-calling/bullying any queens or insulting other users who don't agree with you).


The definition of spam is: irrelevance or unsolicited messages sent through the internet. Even if it something as small as a single letter, it could be classified as spam. Spam clogs up the comment section and could mean important questions and messages get missed.

  • Spam can exist in almost any form, even something as simple as a single letter.
  • Spam can also mean posting the same message over and over again.
  • Spam can also be just randomly typing letters over and over again; for example: Akhdhfyr esifjfhfh. These comments will not be tolerated.

Comment Wars

Sometimes, people's opinions clash and they lead to what we call "Comment Wars". Remember: do NOT participate in any comment wars! Not only will the comments be deleted, the people involved will be banned for up to a week. This is only if you have taken it too far (i.e. insulting other users who don't agree with you).

The comment sections are not places to solve personal disputes. If you have an issue with another editor, leave a message on their personal talk page as well as on the talk page of an administrator. Derogatory comments about race, religion, gender, or anything else are not allowed. While swearing is okay, swearing directed at other users is not.


It is acceptable to swear on the wiki.


All forum posts and comments can be edited or deleted at any administrator’s discretion. Administrators will provide a reason for why a forum post or comment is deleted. If you have further questions, leave a polite message on the message wall of the administrator who deleted your forum or comment and they will provide clarification. Remember: Any deleted threads can be restored or have their information gathered by an administrator after deletion.