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Who edits the Wiki?


The "Edit" button can be found on the upper right corner of a Wiki page

The Drag Race Wiki is a community-based website that relies on volunteers to help update it, expand it, and help it grow over time. You too can edit the Wiki, <insert name here>! So don't be afraid to hit that "Edit" button at the top of a page.

Why are some pages locked?

While exploring the Wiki, you might come across some pages that have been locked and you might ask why: there are a number of reasons for a page being blocked, like if it's been targeted by vandals recently or if the Staff Members decided that it was better to keep editing on that page to a minimum. If you're confused as to why a page has been blocked, you can message an admin on their message wall or tag them (using @) in a comment and ask them about it.

What can I do to help?

Unsure about what needs to be done on our Wiki? No worries, the Drag Race Wiki now has a To-Do List page that can help direct you towards parts of the website that most require your contributions (whether that might be because they are incomplete, aren't up to date, are missing files, references and so on), including a list of Special Pages to help you get a better overall view of what needs maintenance.

Do I need to learn coding?


Your "Preferences" page can be accessed through this button on the lower left corner of your screen.


The different editor options available in your "Preferences" page and under the "Editing" tab

Not necessarily. Coding constitutes the building blocks of the Wiki, but there certain are ways to edit, at least superficially, without having to learn code; like using the VisualEditor. Other ways to help include: uploading missing images, spellchecking and fact-checking (which includes sourcing content that is missing citations) and much more.

From there, you can start to delve into more complicated aspects of the editing process; and believe us, it's easier than it looks!

Want to learn more about editing? Check out Fandom's guides for editors.

You can switch your preferred edit mode in your "Preferences" page, giving you the choice between the VisualEditor and two different types of Source editor.

What is the Discussions tab?

The Discussions Tab is your one-stop shop to discuss everything about RuPaul's Drag Race, its related franchises, and the RuPaul's Drag Race Wiki.

Want to know what kind of posts make up the Discussions Tab? Here's a simple explanation of the categories available.

  • General
    • The General category is essentially the "anything goes" category; use this for any post that doesn't quite fall into the more specific categories listed below!
      • Example Post Types: Personal judging/opinions, general questions, thoughts & reviews, etc.
  • Wiki Editing
    • Have a question in regards to the wiki, how to contribute, or spot something that needs to be fixed? Never fear, Wiki Editing is here.
      • Example Post Types: Reports of vandalism, page ideas/fixes, etc.
  • Spoilers/Speculation
    • Beware, tea ahead! The Spoilers/Speculation category is to discuss insider info for future episodes and/or seasons of the Drag Race Franchise.
      • Example Post Types: Future episode rundowns, casting speculation, elimination orders, etc.
  • Fan Races
    • The Fan Races category is the place for users to express their creativity, and to post fan-made parody seasons of Drag Race.
      • Example Post Types: Fan Race Episodes, Fanmade Casting Announcements, etc.
  • Simulators/Polls
    • The Simulators/Polls category is perfect for using one of the many Drag Race Simulators, or gathering community votes for a collectively-judged fantasy season.
      • Example Post Types: Fanmade/Recast Drag Race simulations, "FANDOM's Way" Polls, etc.