Ruby Red is the drag persona of Robert Lincoln Lee and happens to be a main character in the Netflix Original Series AJ and the Queen. She is portrayed by RuPaul.


Robert confides in AJ that Ruby exists because he doesn't consider himself strong enough to take on the world on his own. When he is Ruby, he is brave, confident and able to hold her own in a verbal spat by reading people. As Robert, he is more to be nervous and lacks confidence.


New York City

AJ talks about how Robert's favorite wig of his is the red one, and that he calls it "Little Orphan Diannie Ross". At first, she is seeing performing for the last time at The Box in New York City. After her performance of "Ruby is Red Hot", Ruby mentions that in six months time, she’ll be opening her very own brand-new, state-of-the-art club called Queens in Queens, New York.

Backstage, Ruby mentions to the other Queens about how her aunt Charmaine would let her parade around in her housecoat while her mama was at work.

Ruby also boasts that her man has a business degree and calls her boyfriend, "the Sonny to my Cher. The Berry Gordy to my Diana Ross. He’s the René to my...Celine."

Ruby then tells Tony that, "for once in my life, I won't have to answer to anybody. I’ll be my own man. Cause I've done too much soul-searching' and sacrificin' to wind up stuck here like you, Tony, a shady, cheap queen overcharging bachelorette parties and going home along to a life of Netflix and Nicorette". Later, Robert marvels at the fact that he and Hector, his boyfriend of seven months now have their usual meal, they eat at the same booth and come to the same restaurant every night. While they wait for their food, Hector shows Robert the blueprints for their club that he picked up from the architect earlier that day.Robert in turn hands over a credit card to Hector saying how he put him in a joint account.

Louis, a close friend and roommate to Robert tells him how how proud of him he is, and that Robert found the most important thing of all; a reason to get up every morning. Louis also tells Robert how he really did it, he set his goal, and for it. He went for it all.

Robert also credits Oprah as the one person who is very near and dear to him. He goes onto say that without all her old talk shows as inspiration, he'd still be working at the post office in Atlanta. He says that Oprah taught her how to dream.

The next day, Robert takes Louis with him to get the keys for his new club, and reveals to his friend that he plans to feature Cocoa Butter (Louis' drag persona) two nights a week. However, Mr. Murphy ends up telling Robert that his credit card was declined.

Eventually, the two men go to the police station where they proceed to tell the police officers there that Hector stole his life savings. Through his conversations with the cops, he reveals that in the seven months he had been dating Hector, he had never been to his place. He also came to find out earlier that day that the address that Hector gave him was to a KFC. Officer Patrick, ends up identifying Hector Ramirez, whose real name is Damien Sanchez. Robert feels even worse at not even knowing his real name.


Robert treats AJ to breakfast after finding out she had stowed away in his RV. Robert then says that he has some questions himself like why AJ dresses like a boy. AJ asks him why he dresses like a girl, to which Robert replies that he is a performer and that’s how he makes a living. He then asks AJ if she wants to be a boy, to which AJ turns the question around and asks Robert if he wants to be a girl. Robert answers that no, he doesn't wanna be a girl. AJ shrugs and confesses she doesn’t want to be a girl either. As a result, he tells AJ that she can be whoever she wants to be around him because he has been told his whole life who he can and can’t be.

Robert then tells AJ he can't take her to Texas. He says that while he appreciates her situation, he says that in the end he is not the fix here. He instead, suggests taking AJ to the state police, which is down here off the turnpike, and have them help both of them figure out what’s best here. AJ says that sounds like shit, and instead tells Robert to take care her to Texas, or she will tell the waitress that Robert touched her. Thus explaining how she's, "a little white girl. You’re a big black man. That’s not gonna go well for you." Robert asks AJ what is wrong with her and tells AJ to go ahead and tell the waitress because she knows him and would never believe her.

However, when AJ yells out "Miss! Miss, this man!" Robert admits Florence doesn’t know him that well. Robert tells AJ that she is just like Chucky Doll but not as nice, and tells her that she will take AJ as far as his next gig in Pittsburgh, but that this conversation isn’t over.

Robert then gives Florence a $10 tip, but AJ tries to steal one of the $5 tips when Robert turns his back on her. However, Robert takes it from AJ's hand and puts it back on the table.

AJ says that a $10 tip is too much and to just give her one buck; to which Robert points out that the woman is 60 years old, on her feet all day, and waiting on little psychopaths like AJ. He then goes onto say that ten is not nearly enough.

At the gas station, Robert takes his phone out while waiting for AJ and looks at pictures of him and Hector together. He soon starts deleting them.

When she finally arrives in Pittsburgh, he and Alma Joy, see each other for the first time since the Tina Turner incident. Alma is visibly still upset at Robert, and like he's never met him. The tension is too much for Robert, who eventually ends up getting ready for the show in his RV.

However, eventually she and Alma make up when she comes clean about what happened to him with Hector. Later that night, Alma joins Ruby up on stage for a musical number they used to do in the old show to get through to AJ.


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