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A Runway Challenge, or Runway Presentation Challenge, is a challenge that requires the contestants to present one or multiple looks that they brought from home. The contestants are usually judged on the overall appearance and construction of the look(s), how they relate to the runway theme, and the way the contestant presented it on the runway.

The challenge is typically treated as a mini challenge and is judged alongside a main challenge when deciding the placements of the queens. On Season 9, Season 10, RuPaul's Drag Race UK, and Down Under Season 1, however, the challenge is treated as a main challenge.

Runway Challenges are different from a Design Challenge and the Ball Challenge, which instead requires the contestants to make at least one look on the spot.

On Drag Race Thailand, Runway Challenges have different rules. The challenge acts as the main runway and occurs after nearly every main challenge. The final placements of the contestants are based on the Runway Challenge despite the performance in the main challenge. The contestants are also asked to make the looks themselves with materials they brought before the competition started. Using materials brought in later may result in disqualification (see: Miss Gimhuay).

Challenge's Timeline

Show Season
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
The challenge never appeared in the season.
The challenge appeared only as a mini challenge in the season.
The challenge appeared in the season once.
The challenge appeared in the season twice.
The challenge appeared in the season thrice.
The challenge appeared in the season five times.
The challenge appeared in the season eight times.

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  • On Season 10, Kameron Michaels, Miz Cracker and Aquaria all wore bones/skull pieces, with both Miz Cracker and Kameron Michaels wearing brown "rags" typically seen on cavemen. This is due to the fact that the Season 10 queens were told to bring looks for a "Prehistoric" runway that was ultimately discarded, and they re-used them for their "Evil Twin" looks. Miz Cracker and Aquaria also re-used their looks from the discarded "French Rococo" runway for their "Best Self" looks. Asia O'Hara also re-used her look from the "Orange Alert" runway, which was moved to Season 11, for her "Best Self" look.