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Sagittaria is the stage name of Iván Flores,[1] a drag performer and one of the contestants of the first season of Drag Race España.

Drag Name Origin

Inspired by Aquaria, who's name comes from the zodiac sign, Sagittaria comes from "Sagitario" (Spanish for Sagittarius).

Track Record(s)

Seasons Competed: España Season 1
Ranking: 2nd/3rd Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 3)
Mini Challenges Won: 0
Times as Team Captain: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 2 (Eps. 6, 7)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 9

Memorable Quotes

Drag Race España Season 1

  • "¿Para qué quieres una estrella si tienes una constelación?" (entrance quote)
  • "¿El look de Arantxa? Mmmh... Estoy repasando..."
  • "Hija de puta, madre mía, yo creo que usó ocho botellas de bronceador. ¿Cómo se puede ser así?" (about Carmen Farala's entrance look)
  • "Yo vengo de otra galaxia. Lujuria, nervio, elegancia. Alta costura te traigo. Yo soy Sagittaria. Tu cuerpo es una escultura. Camina fuerte y sеgura. Los sueños siempre sе cumplen, no te quepa duda." (verse in "Divas")


  • "Lo mejor de la arrastre es cuando te vistes, y tú dices: «Vaya, estoy maravilloso. Soy tan guapo». Y, al igual que, empiezas a encenderte." (In the Meet The Queens)[2]
  • "Tal vez el hecho de que soy joven hace que las otras drag queens pensar soy una foto de Instagram... o tal vez no soy talentoso. Pero... ellos tienen razón. No soy talentoso." (In the Meet The Queens)[2]
  • "Tienes que sentirte incómodo. Arrastrar es incómodo, así que... Un corsé es mejor que nada otra cosa." (In the Meet The Queens)[2]


  • In the reveal trailer on the WOWpresents YouTube channel, "Sagittaria" was spelled with one 'T' instead of two. This mistake was later fixed.
  • Despite her drag name, Sagittaria's zodiac sign is Cancer.[2]
  • Her drag and drag name is heavily inspired by RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 winner, Aquaria.[2]
  • Sagittaria used to be roommates with Dovima Nurmi.[3]
    • It is revealed in the first episode that they had a major falling out over a man, amongst other quarrels.[3]
      • They did, however, get along well in the competition, with Dovima ultimately refusing to lip-sync against Sagittaria so the judges won't have any doubts about letting her sister stay.[4]
  • Sagittaria is the first queen from Drag Race España to win the Improv Challenge.
  • Sagittaria revealed in the finale that she was motivated to start doing drag after being told by Valentina that she'd be good at it.[5]


Drag Race España Season 1

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  • Drag Race España Season 1, as contestant, placed 2nd/3rd. (2021)

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