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Scarlett BoBo is a Canadian drag and circus performer, singer, and one of the runners-up of Season 1 of Canada's Drag Race, alongside Rita Baga.

Name Origin

Scarlett got their last name from their drag mother Ginette BoBo, who unfortunately passed away right before Scarlett received a casting call. To her, the name Scarlett is mysterious, sexy, and fierce; while BoBo is funny, silly, and clown-like. She is a mixed of the two names. she often puts her name bobo into her looks.


Scarlett BoBo is the nightmarish brainchild of Matty Cameron. A fusion of Hollywood golden era icons and pop vixens of the 21st century. They have wowed audiences across the world with their fancy footwork, flawless face and impeccable charm and charisma, and is on the 1st season of Canada’s Drag Race!

Experienced in the art of aerial silks, fire swallowing and other circus-like acts. They love impersonating some of our most cherished celebrities such as Cher, Liza Minnelli, Madonna, Amy Winehouse, Brittney Spears, Lady Gaga and her all-time favourite… P!nk. Not to mention her undying love for all things comics with her multiple cosplay looks such as X-Men’s Rogue, Phoenix and Mystique to her DC favourites; Poison Ivy, Cat Woman and of course, Harley Quinn! Wherever there’s attention, Scarlett craves it and commands it through her spicy mic and hosting skills.

They are a versatile vixen slaying audiences across the United States, Canada and Europe for over 12 years. They performed coast to coast, throughout the prairies and into northern Ontario. She enjoys performing in Europe under the majestic lights of Paris, London and Amsterdam making a name for herself amongst their audiences, friends and drag world family.

Track Record(s)

Scarlett BoBo
Seasons Competed: Canada Season 1
Ranking: 2nd/3rd Place
(Runner Up)
Maxi Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 9)
Mini Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 8)
Times as Team Captain: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 0
Episode Eliminated: Episode 10

Memorable Quotes

Canada's Drag Race Season 1

  • "You didn't think you could bring the race to Canada without Scarlett BoBo, did you?" (entrance quote)
  • "I'm your favorite circus freak."
  • "BOA is so stupid!"
  • "Kyne, shut the fuck up!"
  • "Take it all in, because this bitch is on fiyaa!"
  • "Can I switch? I want one of the French girls!"
  • "Maybe you should practice your English!"
  • "And we are signing off as your sissies. Sissies!"
  • "The hardest part is picking one thing to say about these cunty bitches in 13 seconds."
  • "♪ I don't wanna see nobody / Seems they gotta quit this hobby / Sinking fast, can't make it to the top / Girl, can't wait to see you drop / Drop, drop, you're looking like a flop / Walk, walk, 'cause you ain't the bop / Hot, hot, 'cause it's what you're not / Sirens, sirens, bitch, you caught! ♪" (verse in "Not Sorry Aboot It")
  • "Ilona Verley, in drag you give us Morticia Addams. Out of drag, Uncle Fester." (during the Reading Is Fundamental mini-challenge)
  • "Can someone get me a drink! Please!" (as Liza Minnelli in Snatch Game)
  • "Don't you talk about my mother like that!" (as Liza Minnelli in Snatch Game)
  • "I feel like a fierce Russian spy that's coming for blood!"
  • "How much autotune do you have on there?"
  • "No, no thank you, take it back."
  • "♪ You know me, hittin' the runway nice and sweet / Sittin' all cute up in the top three / Kings and queens, queers – we define the scene / We are the ones that stomp our feet / We are the crowd, we bring the heat / Warpaint on and I'm battle ready / Stilettos high and my sword is heavy / Kitty cat, kitty cat, meow, meow, meow / What kinda kitty are you wearing right now? / Now we wear it, wear it well / Now it's time to raise some hell / Never in the bottom, straight to the top / Scarlett's gettin' that fame, death drop! ♪" (verse in U Wear It Well)


  • "My favorite color is red, red, red."



Canada's Drag Race Season 1

Canada's Drag Race Season 1 Looks




  • "Drop the Money" ft. Goddexx (2020)


  • 1. BoBosexuality: The ReRelease (2015) (Tracklist: 1. "Don't Cum 4 Me" 2. "Still Fucking Going" 3. "Light My Fire" 4. "Toss Shade" 5. "Break My Heart" 6. "Stand Back" 7. "Tonight" 8. "Freak" 9. "SFG Vs. Never Go Away" 10. "Light My Fire - Alterna-MIX" 11. "Break My Heart Remix" 12. "BoBosexuality Megamix")



Web Series

  • TBA

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