Shuga Cain is the stage name of Jesus Martinez, a drag queen, performer, baker, YouTuber, and one of the Season 11 contestants of "RuPaul's Drag Race" (placed 7th).

Name Origin

Shuga Cain's name comes from a trifecta of things in her life. The 1st being her love for candy and baking. The next being the character "Shug Avery" from "The Color Purple". Finally, Cain comes from her love for the artist Candis Cayne.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Shuga Cain
Season Competed Season 11
Ranking: 7th Place
Mini-Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 7)
Times as Team Captain: 0
Times Placed High: 3 (Eps. 2, 6, 8)
Main Challenges Won: 0
Times Placed Low: 1 (Ep. 9)
Times in Bottom: 3 (Eps. 3, 5, 10)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 10

A relative newcomer to drag, Shuga quit her sweet six-figure corporate job to become a full-time drag queen. But talent rises to the top, and within 18 short months, Cain has already established herself as a key fixture in the competitive New York City drag scene, where she relies upon her performance background in opera and musical theater to stand out from the crowd. Though she never fulfilled her Broadway dreams, Shuga "thinks she's funny" but also says that "just being stupid is quintessentially Shuga".

Shuga's elimination was very controversial, having been placed in the Bottom 2, despite her team performing well in the challenge. Her elimination sparked outrage within the community, and many placed blame on production, accusing them of wanting to get rid of her as a filler contestant. Others have also spoken out on the placement of contestants in the episode, arguing that her position in the Bottom 2 should have been instead filled by Silky Nutmeg Ganache or Yvie Oddly. She has spoken up about her unfair elimination since the episode's airing, and many have supported her.

Entrance Quote

"Get ready y'all, cause this sugar is so sweet!"

Memorable Quotes

  • "Honey!"
  • "Girl!"
  • "Do I have to really say 40? Aw, shit!" (referring to her age)
  • "I can be your grandmother, girl." (to Plastique Tiara, referring to her age)
  • "Both of them girl? Both earrings! It's national television, honey. Staple that shit to yo' ear girl!" (referring to Ra'Jah O'Hara's entrance look)
  • "I'm just gonna pretend Imma wack you because I caught you with my man girl!" (roleplaying with Jasmine Masters during the Episode 1 photoshoot)
  • "I don't know how you pulled that off girl!" (to Scarlet Envy during "Untucked")
  • "This is too fucking much! Way too much!" (referring to her fiancé's video message during "Untucked")
  • "She a bendy girl!"
  • "I NEED HELP!"
  • "She has all this pain, but have you seen the bitch?! She acts like nothing is wrong! You never know what someone's going through." (referring to Yvie Oddly)
  • "Bitch I live for a sparkle, honey."
  • "Oh I could take all these sponges and make a sponge dress."
  • "Bitch I'm here just to eat." (during the "Farm to Runway" design challenge)
  • "Is this kale?"
  • "Honey I'm eating all the fruit, the seeds. I don't even know what my garment's gonna be... All I know is the food is good and I am here for it!"
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  • "Those pants girl, THE TAILOR ON THE PANTS!"
  • "I am letting the judges eat ALL the pumpkin seeds!"
  • "But you brought it up." (to Ra'Jah O'Hara during "Untucked")
  • "¡Claro que sí! AHHHHH, cuchi-cuchi-cuchi-cuchi-cuchi-cuchi!" (as Charo in the "Snatch Game at Sea")
  • "Mazola! It is the oil for the corn but you put it in your skin then you can sleep around in it, and then cook a taco!" (as Charo in "Snatch Game at Sea")
  • "Vanjie is messin' with Tony and I can tell that he is afraid honey."
  • "My heart game is on point girl."
  • "I can barely walk in the bitch! But I will be taking a slow strut on the runway." (referring to her Sequins on the Runway look)
  • "I AM LIVING! Come on, Cirque du Soleil." (during the Brooke Lynn Hytes vs. Yvie Oddly lip-sync)
  • "Football practice?"
  • "Assume the position!"
  • "I haven't been on top in a while!"
  • "Halleloo! Times two!!"
  • "Remember sugar is so sweet, and I'll see you real soon." (exiting the stage after being eliminated)

Farewell Message

"You all hold a very special place in my heart. Make Nana proud ♡ Shuga"


  • Shuga Cain's originally from California, but now lives and performs in New York City, New York.
  • Cain's father is from El Salvador and her mother is Spanish and Native American (Apache) from New Mexico.
  • She's the oldest contestant on Season 11. She wears that badge with pride, often referring to herself as "Nana".
  • She's the 1st Scorpio to be on the show sinceSeason 5, and the 4th to compete overall, alongside Jade, Lashauwn Beyond, and Jade Jolie.
  • Her favorite past-contestant is Season 4 runner-up and "All Stars 1" winner Chad Michaels.
  • She got the call to compete on Season 11 just 2 days after she started doing drag full-time.
  • She was paired with Jasmine Masters for Season 11’s first mini-challenge, a photoshoot.
  • She's the highest-placing Season 11 contestant from New York City. The other ones are Honey Davenport and Scarlet Envy, finished 13th and 10th respectively.
  • She was the last person to be announced safe in the bottom 6, eliminating Honey Davenport.
    • She was also the last queen to be eliminated in that lip-sync before the finale.
  • She wore the same wig for the "Whatcha Unpackin?" and the "All That Glitters" runway.
  • She was considered a fan favorite for Miss Congeniality, which was ultimately won by Nina West.
  • Shuga is open to doing All Stars.
  • Shuga appeared several times in the Netflix Original "Tales of the City" as a background character. The series also featured Season 8 winner Bob The Drag Queen.
  • Shuga released her debut single "Sweet Love" on September 1, 2020.
    • She released the song's music video on her YouTube channel that same day.
  • Many fans believe that she should have won the Snatch Game instead of Silky Nutmeg Ganache.
  • She is well-known for doing many creative collaborations with Charo (who she impersonated in the Snatch Game) on social media, and her close friendship with the Spanish singer and actress.


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