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Sigourney Beaver is a drag performer and one of the contestants of the fourth season of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula. She finished as a runner-up alongside HoSo Terra Toma and Saint.

Drag Name Origin

"Sigourney Beaver" is a play on the name of Sigourney Weaver (actress best known for starring horror and science fiction movies such as Alien), with "Weaver" being replaced by "Beaver", slang for the vagina.

Track Record(s)

Sigourney Beaver
Statistics Dragula 4
Placement: 2nd/3rd/4th Place
Main Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 5)
Mini Challenges Won: 0
Times as Team Captain: 1 (Ep. 4)
Times in Bottom: 4 (Eps. 4, 6, 7, 8)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 10

Memorable Quotes

The Boulet Brothers' Dragula Season 4

  • "I'm here to throw my vag in the pag."
  • "...For free."
  • "So many horse girls."
  • "Hope for the best."
  • "I mean, what would you have had to offer?" (In response to Merrie Cherry when they were arguing about team work in Episode 4)
  • "Honestly, what the fuck would she have done? She can't sew. She can't wear something besides the slippers. She can't keep her wig on her head. What did she expect?" (During the confession describing the situation of working with Merrie Cherry in Episode 4)
  • "That's because you're focusing on yourself, you're not, like reaching out to me and like talking to me!" (to Merrie Cherry)
  • "That was after you had to come out and tell me for the 18th time that you thought i was playing a game! And I had to explain to you that I'm not playing a game, I'm not trying to manipulate anyone, I'm focusing on myself, if I seem fucking pulled away from the group is because I'm goddamn grieving right now and that you would understand that!" (to Merrie Cherry)
  • "I don't understand why every time someone gets mad a target is on my fucking back."
  • "Physically, I DO NOT have other places to go. I am limited by my body. But, I also know that I DO have Dragula in my blood. Just because it doesn't look like what you think it should look like. Doesn't mean it's not there." (to HoSo after they excluded Sigourney from possible Top 3 Finalists who had "Dragula in her blood")
  • "Theres NOTHING more punk than that!"
  • "Oh it's a whole half?"
  • "Well girl you only stayed until Episode 4 so what do you know that happened after that?"
  • "Girl you weren’t even a Vampire, you were a fish!" (referring to what Merrie was wearing in the Nosferatu Beach Party challenge)


  • Sigourney is the first cisgender woman drag queen contestant on Dragula.
    • She describes herself as a "hyper femme AFAB queen" and a "female impersonator impersonator".[2]
  • While originally from Iowa, she is part of the Chicago drag scene.
    • This makes her both the first Chicago drag artist and the first drag artist from Iowa on Dragula.[3]
  • She is engaged to transmasculine non-binary Chicago drag king Mick Douch.
  • She won Miss Iowa USofA Diva in 2016.
  • Sigourney broke the record of being up for extermination the most and survived all four exterminations.
    • She is tied with Erika Klash for being in four exterminations, but Erika did not survive her last round.


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