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Silky Nutmeg Ganache is the stage name of Reginald Steele, a drag queen, performer, and one of the Season 11 contestants of RuPaul's Drag Race.

She would later return to compete on All Stars 6.

Drag Name Origin

Originally named Lasagna Frozeen, Silky, oriented by a mentor at the all-male college she attended, later changed it. Then, while watching Food Network, she heard "silky ganache", which is a luscious glaze made from cream and chocolate, and kept it as her stage name later adding "Nutmeg" in the middle.

Much like Nina Bo'nina Brown, Silky's sometimes name yodeled by adding more words to the end of her name, typically food ones. Also, sometimes she's called The Reverend Dr. Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Dr. Silky Ganache, or simply Dr. Ganache, by RuPaul due to her looking into studying in a Doctoral Degree. She was commonly referred to as "Dr." Reggie in her visits to her university "Wabash". While Reverend is added because she was a minister of music in her church.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Silky Nutmeg Ganache
Season Competed Season 11 All Stars 6
Ranking: 3rd/4th Place 11th Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 2 (Eps. 4, 8) 0
Mini Challenges Won: 3 (Eps. 1, 2, 8) 0
Times as Team Captain: 1 (Ep. 2) 0
Times in Bottom Two: 1 (Ep. 11) 1 (Ep. 3)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 14 Episode 3

Entrance Quotes

Season 11

"Munch-munch, crunch-crunch. Silky Ganache is here to eat the lunch."

All Stars 6

"Season 11, I came for the lunch. All Stars 6, I'm coming for the dinner. Look out bitch, I am your winner!"

Memorable Quotes

Season 11

  • "Big Silk got the good ol' milk!"
  • "Attitude check!"
  • "BITCH! BITCH! HOW YOU DOIN'?!" (to Miley Cyrus during Season 11, Episode 1)
  • "Chicken wings, on the brain! That's what I'm all about."
  • "Violet Chauski." (pronouncing Violet Chachki's name)
  • "Kalani Montrese." (pronouncing Kahanna Montrese's name)
  • "I'm sorry that was given a bitch straw to suck."
  • "Real big, Ru."
  • "When business comes, I'm gonna handle business. But, when it's time for pleasure, I'mma have pleasure."
  • "That fan ain't gon' stop us!" (as Missy Armitage in Good God Girl, Get Out!)
  • "She's an Instagram ho."
  • "If I was to lip-sync for my motherfucking life today, bitch, I WAS MOTHERFUCKING READY!" (to Yvie Oddly during Untucked)
  • "Ho you must go, ho you must go, ho you must go!"
  • "For examplah."
  • "I wrote this book due to the fact that I was hungry!"
  • "The question of the day, and every single day! Is this BITCH recording!" (as TS Madison in Snatch Game At Sea)
  • "The bottom look nice on you, bitch."
  • "Ooh my wig."
  • "Y'all know I'm a church lady and a pageant queen, BUT BITCH the true tea is Miss Brooke Lynn, you done gave me motherf*cking Soju, the bitch that can't walk in heels, still talks about her mother*cking cysts when you know I'm a struggle bus my damn self. She done set me up." (during the family resemblance challenge in Episode 11 "Bring Back My Queens.")
  • "I do my eyebrows with a Sharpie."
  • "How dare you Miss Soju, question my skills because I use permanent marker. I can beat a mug. Even when I'm home bitch I make some hoes beautiful. I mean hoes that look like Wesley Snipes, like John C. Riley, hoes that look like Lil' Wayne. I make them hoes look beautiful. It's an honor that I put makeup on your face any day." (in response to Soju's reaction to Silky using permanent marker for her eyebrows.)
  • "Now, bitch you been gone from the very beginning, how you know all the tea?" (to Soju during Season 11's makeover challenge)
  • “I'm Big Silk and I came to rock. My personality cannot be topped. Ooh, this mug is on lock. Twirl, whip, drop it like it's hot. All the big queens that's doing the do, remember this track was made for you. Keep your head up and never snooze, you'll turn out like me and Ru.” (verse in Queens Everywhere)

All Stars 6

  • “Season 11, I came for the lunch; All Stars 6, I’m coming for the dinner. Look out bitch, I am your winner!” (entrance quote)
  • ”Y’all know you want some” (as she tosses her cookie)
  • ”I’m gonna take y’all to church today.” (In the variety show)
  • ” 🎶 This little light of mine; I’m gonna let it shine. This great light of mine; I’m gonna let it shine! This great light of mine; I’m gonna let it shine! Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! 🎶” (In the variety show)
  • ”Ushers, please bring in the collection plates.” (After her performance)
  • “Damn girl! I just wanna say this. I pray this prayer every morning, to be the head, not the tail, the beginning, not the end, the peacemaker, not the drama, and all things shall be added unto you. So, thank you. And I ain't mad at y'all as long as you give me $10. Thank you, guys.” (exit quote)

Farewell Message

All Stars 6

  • "#AllBlackLivesMatter #TransLivesMatter"


  • Silky attended an all-male college, there discovering, through friends, the art of drag.
  • Silky started doing drag with Season 10 contestant Blair St. Clair.
  • Silky's drag mother is Vanessa Ryan.
  • Silky is a Christian.
  • To help combat gerrymandering, she's a registered Republican but says she doesn't vote Republican.
  • Silky has a master's degree in Organizational Leadership, and she was looking into a Ph.D. program before going to film the TV show.
    • Later, on Hey Qween, she said she would start a Doctorate in 2021.
  • During a pre-Season 11 performance, Silky jumped on a US Postal Service truck and drove away.
  • Silky's favorite past contestant is Latrice Royale.
  • Silky was paired with Mariah Balenciaga for Episode 1's photoshoot Mini Challenge, which she won.
  • Silky is the first Chicago queen to win Snatch Game.
  • Silky is the third Drag Race contestant to win both the Rusical and the Snatch Game in a single season, after Ginger Minj in Season 7 and BenDeLaCreme in All Stars 3.
  • Silky is a hurricane Katrina survivor.
  • She is the fourth plus-sized Drag Race contestant to make it to the finale after Roxxxy Andrews in Season 5 and All Stars 2, Ginger Minj in Season 7 and Eureka in Season 10.
  • Silky's finale look resembles the look Alaska wore on the All Stars 2 reunion.
    • Both of these looks were references to the iconic musical Hairspray.
  • Silky was first inspired to audition for the show after she saw Jaidynn Diore Fierce on Season 7.
  • Silky is tied with Nina West, Crystal Methyd and Miz Cracker for the longest run without having to lip sync for her life, competing in eleven episodes before landing in the bottom two.
  • A'keria Chanel Davenport did her hair for her finale introduction video.
  • Season 12 winner Jaida Essence Hall did her makeup for the finale.
  • Silky revealed that she was cast on Drag Race after her first audition, but sent her audition tape twice.
  • On January 5, 2021, Silky was seen in Puerto Vallarta dancing amongst an unmasked crowd[1] with Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. She later blocked Farrah Moan on social medias, who had retweeted the video and condemned their actions.
  • Silky is the first contestant to incorporate food alongside her entrance twice
    • She is the second overall to bring food with her entrance after Mimi Imfurst
  • Silky almost quit drag after season 11, because of the amount of hate she received from the fans.


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