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Silvetty Montilla is the stage name of Silvio Cássio Bernardo,[1] a Brazilian drag queen, actor, singer and comedian. Due to her legacy is often called the Brazilian RuPaul. She is the host and a judge of Academia de Drags.[2]

Drag Name Origin

The name Silvetty came from the female version of her real name Sílvio, while Montilla emerged from a meeting of drag queens. Friends of Silvetty, in an apartment, where the name "Silvetty" was combined with that of several drinks, because he thought that "Montilla" matched with the first name, ended up adopting the artistic surname.[citation needed]


Silvetty Montilla began her career in 1987 at the extinct Nightclub Wall Show in Sao Paulo as a dancer. A few years later, Montilla started participating in crossdressers' shows and pageant contests.

Memorable Quotes


  • Silvetty started doing drag at the age of 20.[citation needed]
  • She has appeared in the 2014 movie Do Lado de Fora in the role of "Dona Vera".[citation needed]


Academia de Drags Season 1

Academia de Drags Season 1 Looks

Academia de Drags Season 2

Academia de Drags Season 2 Looks

Academia de Drags Season 3

Academia de Drags Season 3 Looks

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