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The Singing/Rap and Recording Challenge, also known as the Music Challenge or Girl Groups Challenge, is a challenge where the contestants' songwriting and singing skills are put to the test in order to win the main challenge. They also need to perform live or lip sync the recorded track.

Similar to this challenge, the Rumix challenge was introduced in All Stars 2 as The Finale Challenge where Queens have to write their own verses for one of RuPaul's songs.

This challenge is not to be confused with the Rusical Challenge where the contestants are typically given their verse which they will either need to record or sing live as well as learn choreography too.

Challenge's Timeline

Show Season
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
The challenge never appeared in the season.
The challenge appeared once in the season.
The challenge appeared twice in the season.

Singing Challenge Winners

Main Challenge Winners

Mini Challenge Winners

Singing Challenge Eliminated

All Singing Challenges

See Episode 6: "Rocker Chicks"
The queens had to create a rocker chick outfit and perform live vocals to a rock and roll cover to RuPaul's "Ladyboy".

Contestant Placement
Jessica Wild WINNER
Pandora Boxx HIGH
Raven HIGH
Tatianna SAFE
Tyra Sanchez LOW
Jujubee BOTTOM 2
Sahara Davenport ELIMINATED

See Episode 10: "RuPaul-a-Palooza"
The queens had to record and perform RuPaul's "Superstar" in different musical styles.

Contestant Style Placement
Raja Punk Rock WINNER
Manila Luzon Disco HIGH
Yara Sofia Pop HIGH
Alexis Mateo Hip Hop LOW
Shangela Country BOTTOM 2
Carmen Carrera Reggae ELIMINATED

See Episode 8: "Frenemies"
The queens, in pairs who have the least in common with each other, had to perform and sing live "So Much Better Than You".
So Much Better Than You

Contestant Placement
Latrice Royale WINNER
Chad Michaels SAFE
Dida Ritz SAFE
Phi Phi O'Hara BOTTOM 2
Sharon Needles BOTTOM 2
Willam WINNER +

See Episode 6: "Can I Get An Amen?"
The queens had to sing RuPaul's "Can I Get An Amen?" (Inspired by USA for Africa's "We Are the World"). Detox won the Mini Challenge of that episode so she picked the teams. For Verse 1 she paired Coco Montrese and Alyssa Edwards. Verse 2 was sung by Ivy Winters, Jinkx Monsoon and Jade Jolie. In the Bridge were Roxxxy Andrews, Alaska and Detox.
Can I Get An Amen?

Contestant Part Placement
Ivy Winters Verse 2 WINNER
Jinkx Monsoon HIGH
Roxxxy Andrews Bridge HIGH
Alaska SAFE
Detox SAFE
Alyssa Edwards Verse 1 LOW
Coco Montrese BOTTOM 2
Jade Jolie Verse 2 ELIMINATED

See Episode 6: "Oh No She Betta Don't!"
The queens had to dress in their best 90's rapper realness, write and perform RuPaul's "Oh No She Betta Don't!".
Oh No She Betta Don't!

Contestant Team Placement
Adore Delano The Panty Hos WINNER
Bianca Del Rio HIGH
Joslyn Fox Ru-Tang Clan HIGH
BenDeLaCreme SAFE
Courtney Act The Panty Hos SAFE
Laganja Estranja SAFE
Darienne Lake LOW
Trinity K. Bonet Ru-Tang Clan BOTTOM 2

See Episode 4: "Spoof! (There It Is)" and Episode 9: "Divine Inspiration"

Episode 4: Spoof! (There It Is)

The queens had to create a parody by writing lyrics, and doing vocals to "Sissy That Walk", "Let The Music Play" and "Dance With U" by RuPaul.
Get Ready to Clock, I Got Paid & Tan With U

Contestant Song Placement
Kennedy Davenport I Got Paid WINNER
Ginger Minj HIGH
Katya Tan With U HIGH
Miss Fame HIGH
Jaidynn Diore Fierce Get Ready To Clock HIGH
Violet Chachki SAFE
Mrs. Kasha Davis I Got Paid SAFE
Kandy Ho LOW
Pearl Tan With U BOTTOM 2
Trixie Mattel ELIMINATED

Episode 9: Divine Inspiration

The queens had to perform musical versions of John Waters's films.
Eggs, Cha Cha Heels & Poo

Contestant Song Placement
Ginger Minj Eggs WINNER
Trixie Mattel HIGH
Katya Cha Cha Heels HIGH
Kennedy Davenport HIGH
Violet Chachki Poo LOW
Pearl BOTTOM 2

See Episode 4: "New Wave Queens"

The queens had to sing live in 80's New Wave style girl bands.
New Wave Queens

Contestant Team Placement
Robbie Turner Les Chicken Wings WINNER
Naomi Smalls HIGH TEAM
Acid Betty Street Meatz SAFE
Bob The Drag Queen SAFE
Thorgy Thor SAFE
Derrick Barry Dragometry LOW
Chi Chi DeVayne BOTTOM 2

Episode 3: "Drag Monsters of Rock
The monsters had to perform on the stage a lipsync to 'Pissed Away' by Suckerpunch, as a band.
Pissed Away

Contestant Girl Group Placement
Biqtch Puddin PMS WINNER
Disasterina HIGH TEAM
Erika Klash HIGH TEAM
James Majesty The Fake SAFE
Abhora LOW
Victoria Black BOTTOM 2

See Episode 6: "Handmaids to Kitty Girls"
The queens in the competition had to audition for RuPaul's new girl group, the "Kitty Girls", while the eliminated queens were competing to return to the competition in another team. If the Top 5 group won, she would receive the opportunity to bring back an eliminated queen and eliminate one of her fellow contestants; if the Eliminated Queens group won, the Top 2 queens would have to Lip Sync for their Legacies, the winner of the lip sync would return and eliminate one of the queens still competing.
Drag Up Your Life & Sitting on a Secret

Contestant Song Placement
BenDeLaCreme Drag Up Your Life WINNER
BeBe Zahara Benet WINNER
Kennedy Davenport HIGH TEAM
Shangela HIGH TEAM
Trixie Mattel HIGH TEAM
Morgan McMichaels Sitting on a Secret RETURN
Chi Chi DeVayne OUT
Milk OUT
Thorgy Thor OUT

See Episode 2: "Super Girl Groups, Henny"
The queens had to audition for RuPaul's new super girl group, "Henny".
Don't Funk it Up and Errybody Say Love

Contestant Song Placement
Valentina Don't Funk it Up WINNER
Monét X Change Errybody Say Love TOP2
Naomi Smalls HIGH
Gia Gunn Don't Funk it Up SAFE
Latrice Royale SAFE
Trinity The Tuck SAFE
Manila Luzon LOW
Monique Heart Errybody Say Love BOTTOM 2
The contestant was one of the team captains.

See Episode 11: "White Elephants"
For the Maxi challenge, the queens were given a melody to write lyrics showing the judges who they truly are and shoot a music video that goes along with the song.

Queen Placement
Kandy Zyanide WINNER
Kana Warrior WINNER
Angele Anang BOTTOM 3
Vanda Miss Joaquim ELIMINATED
NOTE: Kana didn't win the main challenge, but the runway challenge. The scores from both were combined into the final judging and both Kandy and Kana were safe, while the remaining queens (Angele, Bandit and Vanda) were all in the bottom 3.

Episode 3: "Drag Monsters of Rock
The monsters had to perform on the stage a lipsync to 'Intro to Hell-House of Whores' by The Dirty Horror, as a band.
Intro to Hell-House of Whores

Contestant Girl Group Placement
Evah Destruction SLAG WINNER
Dollya Black HIGH TEAM
Maxi Glamour HIGH TEAM
Priscilla Chambers HIGH TEAM
Landon Cider KOVEN SAFE
Louisianna Purchase SAFE
Hollow Eve BOTTOM 3
Maddelynn Hatter BOTTOM 3

See Episode 5: "Girl Groups"
The queens had to record vocals and perform in a girl group number for the original song "Break Up (Bye Bye)".
Break Up (Bye Bye)

Contestant Girl Group Placement
Baga Chipz The Frock Destroyers WINNER
Blu Hydrangea WINNER
Divina De Campo WINNER
Cheryl Hole Filth Harmony SAFE
The Vivienne BOTTOM 2

Episode 5: TNTchan

Contestant Song Placement
DaCota A Pandemia Chegou WINNER
Eva Sattiva Melo da Drag WINNER
Flaminga A Nova Empoderada do TNT WINNER
Kitty Kawakubo Segura o Tuck ELIMINATED
Klox Pega a Naja ELIMINATED
Malayka SN Dança do Ele Não ELIMINATED

See Episode 1: "I'm That Bitch" and Episode 2: "You Don't Know Me"
The queens had to write and perform an original rap number to "I'm That Bitch" (Episode 1) and a Fosse-inspired jazz number to "You Don't Know Me" (Episode 2).

I'm That Bitch & You Don't Know Me

Episode 1 Episode 2
I'm That Bitch You Don't Know Me
Contestant Placement Contestant Placement
Widow Von'Du WINNER Jaida Essence Hall WINNER
Gigi Goode TOP2 Sherry Pie TOP2
Brita HIGH Aiden Zhane HIGH
Jackie Cox HIGH Jan HIGH
Crystal Methyd SAFE Dahlia Sin LOW
Heidi N Closet LOW Rock M. Sakura LOW
Nicky Doll LOW

See Episode 2: "I'm in Love!"
The queens had to write, choreograph, and perform an original pop number to "I'm in Love!".
I'm in Love!

Contestant Team Celebrity Crush Placement
Shea Couleé Team Shea Chadwick Boseman WINNER
Jujubee Team India John Stamos HIGH
Blair St. Clair Team Blair Hannibal Lecter HIGH
Mayhem Miller Mr. Rogers SAFE
Miz Cracker Sylvester Stalone SAFE
Alexis Mateo Team India Daddy Yankee SAFE
India Ferrah Justin Timberlake BOTTOM 3
Mariah Paris Balenciaga Team Shea Jason Momoa BOTTOM 3
Ongina Henry Cavill ELIMINATED
The contestant was one of the team captains.

See Episode 3: "Not Sorry Aboot it"
Not Sorry Aboot It

Contestant Team Placement
Priyanka The Mooseknuckles WINNER
Scarlett BoBo HIGH
BOA The Dwolls HIGH
Jimbo SAFE
Lemon SAFE
Rita Baga The Mooseknuckles SAFE
Ilona Verley LOW
Kiara The Dwolls LOW
Tynomi Banks BOTTOM 2
Anastarzia Anaquway The Mooseknuckles ELIMINATED

See Episode 2: "Condragulations" and Episode 3: "Phenomenon"

Condragulations & Phenomenon

Episode 2 Episode 3
Condragulations Phenomenon
Contestant Placement Contestant Placement
Olivia Lux TOP2 Rosé TOP2
Elliott with 2 Ts HIGH Tamisha Iman HIGH
LaLa Ri HIGH Utica Queen HIGH
Tina Burner HIGH Joey Jay LOW
Gottmik LOW Kahmora Hall LOW
Kandy Muse LOW

See Episode 5: "The RuRuvision Song Contest"
The queens had to record vocals and perform in a girl group number for the original song "UK Hun'?".

UK Hun?

Contestant Girl Group Placement
A'Whora UK2-UKDolls.jpg
United Kingdolls
Bimini Bon-Boulash WINNER
Lawrence Chaney WINNER
Ellie Diamond UK2-Bananadrama.jpg
Sister Sister LOW
Tia Kofi BOTTOM 2
The contestant was one of the team captains.

Episode 1: TNTemplo

Queen Placement
Alexia Tarantino WINNER
Slovakia HIGH
Katrina Addams HIGH
Organzza SAFE
Lilith Prexeva SAFE
Condessa Cabalista SAFE
Dolce Brisa SAFE
Ginger Moon SAFE
Raykka Rica SAFE
Tenebraria SAFE
Verona Moon SAFE
Roovie Fox LOW
Marvena LOW
Sasha Heels LOW

See Episode 3: "Queens Down Under"
The queens had to record vocals and perform in a girl group number for the original song "Queens Down Under".
Queens Down Under

Contestant Girl Group Placement
Scarlet Adams Outback Fake-Hoes WINNER
Anita Wigl'it HIGH
Kita Mean Three and a Half Men HIGH
Etcetera Etcetera Outback Fake-Hoes SAFE
Karen From Finance Three and a Half Men SAFE
Maxi Shield LOW
Elektra Shock BOTTOM 2
Coco Jumbo Outback Fake-Hoes ELIMINATED
The contestant was one of the team captains.

See Episode 2: "Divas"
The queens had to record vocals and perform in a girl group number for the original song "Divas".

Contestant Girl Group Placement
Carmen Farala Las Metal Donnas WINNER
Pupi Poisson Las Cinco y Cuarto HIGH
Dovima Nurmi SAFE
Hugáceo Crujiente Las Metal Donnas SAFE
Killer Queen SAFE
Sagittaria SAFE
Inti Las Cinco y Cuarto LOW
Arantxa Castilla La Mancha BOTTOM 2
The contestant was one of the team captains.

See Episode 7: "Show Up Queen"
The queens had to record vocals and perform in a girl group number for the original song "Show Up Queen".
Show Up Queen

Contestant Girl Group Placement
Trinity K. Bonet Team Ra'Jah WINNER
Eureka! Team Kylie HIGH
Ginger Minj HIGH
Kylie Sonique Love HIGH
Ra'Jah O'Hara Team Ra'Jah HIGH
Pandora Boxx BOTTOM 2
The contestant was one of the team captains.

See Episode 4: "Big Drag Energy"
The queens had to record vocals and perform in a girl group number for the original song "B.D.E (Big Drag Energy)".

B.D.E (Big Drag Energy)

Contestant Girl Group Placement
Choriza May UK3-Pick'N'Mix.jpg
(Mid-tempo Power Bottom Mix)
Ella Vaday WINNER
River Medway WINNER
Vanity Milan WINNER
Kitty Scott-Claus UK3-SliceGirls.jpg
Slice Girls
(Upbeat Top Pop Mix)
Krystal Versace SAFE
Charity Kase BOTTOM 2
Scarlett Harlett BOTTOM 2
The contestant was one of the team captains.

Episode 4: "Monsters of Rock
The monsters had to perform on the stage a lipsync to 'Bite Your Teeth' by Poppy, as a band.
Bite Your Teeth

Contestant Girl Group Placement
Dahli Zenith WINNER
HoSo Terra Toma HIGH TEAM
La Zavaleta HIGH TEAM
Bitter Betty Glam Rot BOTTOM 4
Jade Jolie BOTTOM 4
Sigourney Beaver BOTTOM 4

See Episode 5: "Bye Flop"
The queens had to record vocals and perform in a girl group number for the original song "Bye Flop".

Bye Flop

Contestant Girl Group Placement
Gia Metric The Giddy Girls WINNER
Icesis Couture HIGH TEAM
Kimora Amour The Dosey Hoes SAFE
Kendall Gender LOW
Synthia Kiss BOTTOM 2
The contestant was one of the team captains.

See Episode 8: "60s Girl Groups"
The queens had to record vocals and perform in a 60s inspired girl group number for the original songs "Bad Boy Baby", "He's My Baby" and "My Baby Is Love".

Bad Boy Baby, He's My Baby and My Baby Is Love

Contestant Girl Group Placement
Daya Betty The ShangRu-Las WINNER
Angeria Paris VanMicheals The RuPremes HIGH
DeJa Skye The RuNettes HIGH
Bosco The ShangRu-Las SAFE
Jorgeous The RuNettes SAFE
Willow Pill The ShangRu-Las SAFE
Lady Camden The RuPremes LOW
Jasmine Kennedie The RuNettes BOTTOM 2
Kerri Colby The RuPremes ELIMINATED

Episode 1: Legends

Song: Legends
Contestant Placement
Shea Couleé WINNER
Monét X Change WINNER
Yvie Oddly HIGH
Jinkx Monsoon SAFE
The Vivienne SAFE
Jaida Essence Hall SAFE
Trinity The Tuck HIGH


  • Raja, Jaida Essence Hall and Symone are the only regular season winners to win the Singing challenge.
  • Sharon Needles is the only regular season winner to land in the Bottom Two in the Singing challenge.
  • During the first 11 seasons of the regular US instalment, Design or Runway challenge was the first challenge the queens have to face. This long-lasting tradition was broken by the Singing challenge when it became the first challenge of Season 12.
  • Monét X Change is the only queen that won twice. However, she lost both of her lipsync.