Swanthula Boulet is one of the hosts of The Boulet Brothers' DRAGULA with Dracmorda Boulet and a queer nightlife legend.


The Boulet Brothers work under a stage name and their real names are not public knowledge. The couple do not appear out of drag on television or in interviews and lead private personal lives. They have stated in interviews that they are not brothers but romantic partners who have been a couple for over a decade.

Career before Dragula

Swanthula, along with Dracmorda, is considered to be a “modern day horror host”. Outside of their television projects, the Boulet Brothers appear regularly as featured guests, performers and emcees at horror conventions, nightclubs and live events. The Boulets are considered prolific nightclub producers with a career creating legendary nightlife events for over a decade. The Boulet Brothers are also widely celebrated as queer icons due to the inclusive nature of their creative endeavors.


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