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Tamisha Iman is the stage name of Will Crawford, a drag queen based in Atlanta, Georgia and a contestant on Season 13 of RuPaul's Drag Race.

She is known for her multi-decade-long experience in pageantry, she has won around 95 pageants and is considered to be a Drag Legend.

Drag Name Origin

As professed in an Instagram Live, when she entered her first pageant, she was forced to choose a name. Her first name, Tamisha, is the name of her biological daughter. Her last name, Iman is the first name of the famous model.[citation needed]

Track Record(s)

Tamisha Iman
Season Competed: Season 13
Ranking: 11th Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 0
Mini Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 6)
Times as Team Captain: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 1 (Ep. 6)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 6

Memorable Quotes

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13

  • "I think people are gonna be surprised that an old broom, like myself, can still sweep!" (Meet the Queens)
  • "Holla' at me, I know you know me, holla’ at me I know you know me. Tamisha is here!" (entrance quote)
  • "Thank you, I'm into fashion."
  • At the Porkchop Loading Dock.
    • "The lady said go home!”
    • "There ain't no twist! The twist is: we twistin' to the door!"
    • "Well, I'm the only black girl, so don't vote me off."
  • "I hear another 'UH!'" (in reference to Kahmora Hall)
  • "♪Tamisha Iman is coming for you, to show the girls what I can do. Drag is my game and I do it well, that ATL Peach with a story to tell. Bent but not broken, I'll fight to the end, that old school diva shall rise again. Going for the crown is gonna be tough, but guess what, ladies? I'm born for this stuff. ♪" (verse in "Phenomenon")
  • "Because they didn't vote me, they voted YOU." (to Elliott asking why she didn't volunteer to go home)
  • "All these chihuahuas beside me, you gon' go for the Pitbull? No ma'am." (about Elliott coming for her)
  • ”WHOA!” (as Cher)
  • "Just because you did exceptionally well in this particular challenge now all of a sudden you're sitting beside Michelle? No bitch! Get back over here in this line! Take your original spot back over here, with this twisted, busted wig on your head." (about Kandy coming for the girls)
  • During an argument with Kandy on Untucked.
    • "There's a couple of you girls that I really don't care for."
    • "Don't point at me!"
    • "BITCH, you may used to hit many things, but you won't hit ME!"
    • "I'm the right one for you, little girl!"
  • "I said what I said!" (during Untucked imitating herself)
  • "Look bitch... you're arrogant!" (during Untucked, joking about her fight with Kandy Muse)
  • "I'll see you on the road." (to Kandy Muse)
  • "Not the end and just till we meet again." (exit quote)
  • "I have to commend you on your...drag?!" (quote from her remix of "Arrogant" during the reunion)
  • "If the cameras weren’t there, I would have hit her." (during the reunion)

Farewell Message

"Till we meet again. Love, Misha ♡"


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  • Tamisha has won three national drag pageant titles, Miss National 1996, Miss Black Universe 2000 and Miss GayUSofA 2005. She also placed third at National Entertainer of the Year (EOY) 2002 and 2003.
  • Tamisha is the drag mother of LaLa Ri, a fellow contestant on Season 13, making them the second pair of RuGirls to compete against drag family on the same season. (Kennedy Davenport & Chi Chi DeVayne of All Stars 3 being the first.)
  • Janet Jackson featured her lip sync against Symone in an Instagram story.
  • Tamisha announced on January 22, 2021 that she had adopted Kahmora Hall into her drag family, the Iman Dynasty.
  • Tamisha has been doing drag since 1989, as seen on her website.
  • At age 49 at the time of competing, Tamisha is the oldest contestant from Season 13.
    • She is also the second oldest to ever compete on Drag Race, with Charlie Hides being the oldest by competing at the age of 52.
  • Tamisha took an 8 year long hiatus from drag in 2010 to 2018, as she had lost her passion for the art.
  • Tamisha has 60+ living drag children, and 30+ that have passed away, as she said in an Instagram Live.
    • One of her drag children is the late Tandi Iman Dupree (1978-2005), best known for dropping into a split from the ceiling during a performance. She was mentioned in Season 13 Episode 3.
  • Tamisha is not drag-related to Mercedes Iman Diamond despite their common Iman name.
  • As revealed an Instagram Live, Tamisha shares her birthday with Jasmine Masters and Alexis Michelle.
  • Tamisha was originally cast on Season 12, but was later replaced after being diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer (which she fought through and recovered from). It was presumed that she was replaced by Jaida Essence Hall, though it was later confirmed to be Nicky Doll.
    • Coincidentally, both her and Nicky placed 11th on their respective season.
    • This makes her one of two contestants who had to drop out of Season 12, the other being Kandy Muse, who was replaced by Dahlia Sin.
  • Tamisha has two biological daughters, and one biological son aged between 34 and 36.
  • Tamisha is the drag aunt of Kennedy Davenport and then forth, her drag sister, Sahara Davenport.
  • After her exit, Tamisha stated she was open to eventually compete on All Stars.[citation needed]
    • However, she has since made it clear she likely would not return for an All Stars season.[citation needed]
  • Tamisha is the thirteenth Drag Race contestant to win a Mini Challenge on the episode she got eliminated, after Jade in Season 1, Mystique Summers Madison in Season 2, Phoenix and Yara Sofia in Season 3, Kenya Michaels in Season 4, Alexis Mateo and Yara Sofia in All Stars 1, Ivy Winters in Season 5, BenDeLaCreme in Season 6, Mrs. Kasha Davis in Season 7, Aja in All Stars 3 , Crystal in Season 1 of Drag Race UK, Sister Sister in Season 2 of Drag Race UK.
  • Tamisha is the first Drag Race contestant to compete while having an ostomy bag attached to her.
  • Tamisha contracted coronavirus after filming Drag Race and had an asymptomatic case.
  • As mentioned on her Instagram Live, her Snatch Game "backup" was Diahann Carroll.
    • She also said in the very same live that she will not say her main Snatch Game choice, or show her unaired runways, because "if they wanted y'all to see them, you would've seen them", expressing her disappointment of her elimination and at having to show pictures of her looks to the producers prior to filming began.
    • In the same live, she said she would be auctioning off her Drag Race looks.
    • In live streams following, she has discussed her disdain with World of Wonder, and what she views as the unfair treatment of black queens, such as Tyra Sanchez, The Vixen, and herself.
  • She had said she is interested in making a couture line.[citation needed]
  • Tamisha is the drag grandmother of Season 14's Angeria Paris VanMicheals.[1]


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