Tammie Brown is the stage name of Keith Schubert, a drag queen, singer and actor from Los Angeles, California. Tammie Brown competed in the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race. She is known on the show for her strange and quirky personality, and for her classic, movie star aesthetic.

Appearing as an original RuPaul's Drag Race contestant during the first season, Tammie became an immediate favourite for her over-the-top and eccentric personality. However, her charm didn't last for long, as she was soon eliminated by Akashia during the second episode, where she finished in eight place.

Returning for RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, Brown was paired with season one cast-mate Nina Flowers. The two once-again become favourites; both within the cast and in the public's eyes. Her legacy of being controversial and over-the-top continued, as she openly confronted Michelle Visage, something many queens refuse to do. Despite this, she was once again eliminated during the second episode, in a neck-and-neck lip-sync against Latrice Royale, that eliminated both her and team-mate Nina.

Drag Origin

Drag comes naturally to Tammie as she used to read women's magazines, play dress-up and walk around in high heels since she was a child. Before performing in drag, Keith performed as Cha Cha in the musical "Grease", and as the Wicked Stepmother from "Into the Woods".

In her introduction video for Drag Race, she described herself as "excited, rock 'n roll, and tasty".

Drag Name Origin

She wanted to use her real name like RuPaul, but the queens in Texas recommended her she needed a drag name. One night she and her friend were doing a three-way call and playing telephone tricks to a boy she liked. The caller ID said Bob Brown (her friend’s stepdad’s name) when he answered, "Bob Brown? You're not Bob Brown! You're Keith Glen!" She answered, "Well I can change my name to be Tammie Brown!"

When she was younger, she loved Tina Turner and the movie "Tootsie", and toyed with the names "Tootsie Turner" or "Tootsie Turner on the Big Burner". She also thought of Esmeralda after hearing it from someone.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Tammie Brown
Season Competed Season 1 All Stars 1
Ranking: 8th Place 9th/10th Place
Mini-Challenges Won: 0 0
Times as Team Captain: 0 0
Times Placed High 0 0
Main Challenges Won: 0 0
Times Placed Low 0 0
Times in Bottom: 1 (Ep. 2) 1 (Ep. 2)
Episode Eliminated Episode 2 Episode 2

Season 1

Tammie Brown was eliminated in the second episode of the season.

During the second episode, the queens had to split into two teams and perform one of Destiny's Child's songs, with Michelle Williams as the guest judge. The cause of her placement in the bottom was the fact that she messed up during the number, and her team was outshined by the other.

Tammie fell into the bottom two alongside Akashia. She had decided prior to the lip-sync that she would not be lip-syncing to the song "Break the Dawn" by Michelle Williams and decided to dance herself through the song, leading to her elimination.

All Stars 1

Tammie was announced as one of the twelve queens who would return to compete on All Stars 1. She and fellow Season 1 contestant Nina Flowers mutually picked each other in the first episode of the season, choosing the team name "Brown Flowers". Tammie often acted like she did in her original season, which did not bother Nina, but seemed to grate on the nerves of the other queens. After a poor team performance in episode two's Snatch Game, Tammie lip-synced for her and Nina's lives but lost to Latrice Royale.

Memorable Quotes

Season 1

  • "Hi there, my name is Tammie Brown with an I-E."
  • "My real name is Keith, and in drag or out of drag, I am the character, I am an entertainer."
  • "I can get jiggy, I can get jiggy and wiggy!"
  • "I'm a high concept character."
  • "Akashia is the director, Akashia is the producer, Akashia is in charge of the group. She is Beyoncé!"
  • "Buenas noches! Oh... See you later, in the magazines."
  • "I'm not a slut, I'm a lady. You look under my skirt, and it will stick you in the eye though."
  • "You both called me losers, and I don't see you out there walking children in nature."
  • "Excuse your mouth."

All Stars 1

  • "Tootsie Loo!"
  • "Ha! Ha! I'm acting."
  • "I'm Tammie Brown, and I'm gonna spin your head round and round."
  • "Oh! Well, come on, Teletubby! Teleport us to Mars!" (to Manila in Untucked)
  • "Change your costume Mimi! Change your costume, change it around!"
  • "You wanted crazy? Well, you got it now!"
  • "Latrice, I just want you to know that if you want to sit, butt naked, and eat shrimps all day. That's your business."
  • "Beat your face like you beat your hole."
  • "Service. Ooh, smell her butt. Smell her butt. She's like a cat."
  • "Let me tell you what, my father fucked Marlene Dietrich."


  • Out of drag, Keith...
    • ...likes to collect records, clean the house, cook, hang out with friends, and chant.
    • ...volunteers at a Children's Nature Institute. Keith loves to take the children out on a nature walk, wearing hiking boots.
    • ...lived in Mexico during his childhood. He is fluent in Spanish.
    • ...has appeared on...
      • ...commercials for McDonald's and UPS.
      • ...Korn's music video "Twisted Transistor".[1]
      • ...the American adaptation of How Clean Is Your House? in 2008, as the friend of a family whose house needed cleaning.[2]
      • ...Ayumi Hamasaki's music video for her song 'progress' in 2011.[3]
  • Tammie's most memorable performance was at a Piano Bar called "The Paradise" in Long Beach California. As she was doing the number, her wig fell off. She also noticed her dress was falling off underneath her jacket, and she tore it off revealing the falling dress. She kicked her high heels across the bar and accidentally hit somebody in the head with a heel.
  • Tammie enjoys making her own music videos and soundtracks.
  • Tammie appeared in...
    • ...the second season of "America's Got Talent". She was eliminated in the audition round.[4]
    • ..."Hot in Cleveland" as a cameo.
  • Tammie's appearance on Season 1 earned her a large fanbase in Australia.
  • She once found a dead body in a ditch, mistaking it for a mannequin.[5]
  • She is the only queen to have the same track record in two different seasons (being safe in episode 1 and being eliminated in episode 2)
  • Tammie is the only Season 1 queen to not make an appearance for the Season 10 finale.
  • Tammie is regularly featured on Willam and Alaska's podcast "Race Chaser" in a segment called "Tammie Tidbits".
  • On her Instagram account, Tammie frequently suggests that she would like to return for another season.
  • In 2019, Tammie was a guest judge on the second episode of the second season of Camp Wannakiki.


Season 1 Looks

All Stars 1 Looks



As herself

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Acting roles

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Music videos

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2005"Twisted Transistor"KornOut of drag
2007"She's Madonna"Robbie WilliamsIn drag
2007"Mm-ma-ma"Crazy Loop)Cameo
2007"Whatever"Tammie Brown
2007"Shakabuku U"Tammie Brown
2009"The Ballad of Tiger Lilly"Tammie Brown
2010"Discos Undead"Tammie Brown
2011"Progress"Ayumi HamasakiCameo
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2011"Sleepless in Silverlake"Les Savy FavJoan Crawford
2012"Love Pinata"Tammie Brown
2012"The Chop"Manila Luzon & Latrice RoyaleCameo
2014"Eliminated"Kelly Mantle feat. Bownce & Wendy HoCameo
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2014"Walking Children In Nature"Tammie Brown feat. Michael Catti
2015"I Stay Connected "Tammie Brown feat. Michael Catti
2015"California Paranoia"Lawrence Rothman feat. Angel OlsenCameo
2016"Pollo Asado"Accordiween feat. Tammie Brown
2019"Elevator to the Gallows"Senses FailCameo
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2019 "Round And Round" Tammie Brown



Year Title
2014"Hot Skunx / Zorillos Calliente"
2018"Little Bit Of Tammie"


Year Title Album Notes
2014"Whatever It May Be""Popcorn" feat. Bownce
2015"Love Pinata"
2017"Pollo Asado B/W The Mollusk"Accordiween feat. Tammie Brown
2019 "Round 'n' Round"

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