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The Boulet Brothers' Dragula
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The Boulet Brothers' DRAGULA is a drag show that aired every other Monday on The show is hosted by The Boulet Brothers. The first episode of "The Boulet Brothers' DRAGULA" aired on October 31, 2016.

The season featured 9 contestants competing to be the World's First Drag Supermonster, a prize of $10,000 for the queen who snatches the crown and emerges victorious as the winner of "The Boulet Brothers' DRAGULA". The prize is designed to help the winner launch her drag career and help her to develop and kick off her new career as the World's First Drag Supermonster.

At the end of the sixth episode, Vander Von Odd was crowned as the Winner and the World's First Drag Supermonster.

On October 20, 2020, Loris and Frankie Doom returned to compete on The Boulet Brother's Dragula Resurrection, vying for a spot on Season 4. They were both exterminated and did not return.

About the Show

The Boulet Brothers host a competition of drag performers who don't just push the envelope - they chew it up and spit it out. With themes like Zombie and challenges like being buried alive, this ain't your momma's drag competition.


Rank Contestant Photo Real
Current City Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6 Ep. 7 Ep. 8
Last Supper
& Finale
Recap Reunion
Vander Von Odd VanderVonOddTBBD1Promo.jpg Antonio
Frankie Doom FrankieDoomTBBD1Promo.jpg Jonathan
Los Angeles, CA HIGH BTM4
2 - 1
Melissa Befierce MelissaBefierceTBBD1Promo.jpg Alfredo
Los Angeles, CA SAFE BTM4
2 - 1
4th Meatball MeatballTBBD1Promo.jpg Logan
5th/6th Loris LorisTBBD1Promo.jpg Loris
Xochi Mochi XochiMochiTBBD1Promo.jpg Jorge
Los Angeles, CA HIGH BTM4
1 - 2
7th Foxie Adjuia FoxieAdjuiaTBBD1Promo.jpg Malik
8th Ursula Major UrsulaMajorTBBD1Promo.jpg Justin
Los Angeles, CA SAFE EXT
1 - 2
9th Pinche Queen PincheTBBD1Promo.jpg Dallas
Los Angeles, CA EXT GUEST
The contestant won The Boulet Brothers' Dragula.
The contestant was a runner-up.
The contestant won the main challenge.
The contestant won the main challenge and had to take part in the extermination challenge.
The contestant won the main challenge along with another contestant.
The contestant won the main challenge along with another contestant, but voluntarily became eligible for extermination.
The contestant was one of the best in the main challenge and the extermination challenge and made it through to the finale.
The contestant was one of the best but did not win the main challenge.
The contestant was one of the best but did not win the main challenge and had to take part in the extermination challenge.
The contestant was safe.
The contestant received negative feedback but was not up for extermination.
The contestant won the extermination challenge and was pardoned from the extermination altogether.
The contestant won the extermination duel and saved themselves from elimination.
The contestant lost the extermination duel, but was saved from elimination.
The contestant was up for extermination but stayed.
The contestant was exterminated.
The contestant appeared as a guest, but was out of the running.


Since the episodes do not have official names, the titles will be based on the main event of the episode.

Series # Episode # Title # Airdate
1 1 Wickedest Witch October 31, 2016
2 2 80's Female Wrestler November 14, 2016
3 3 Zombies in Death Valley November 28, 2016
4 4 Pretty, Pink, Fishy Drag December 12, 2016
5 5 Trannyshack Club January 2, 2017
6 6 Finale January 16, 2017
7 7 Secrets of Dragula February 20, 2017
8 8 Reunion March 20, 2017

Episode 1: "Wickedest Witch"

Summary : The nine queens are gathered around and presented one by one, while the Boulet Brothers proceed to announce the main challenge, which is to design a witch look and reenact the death of the Witched Witch from the West. In the preparation room, multiple subjects are being talked about, such as Ursula's tattoos, Vander being a drag baby, Foxie and Xochi being excited for the competition, Ursula and Loris' worries about eating meat for the extermination challenges and Pinche and Loris having a "similar" outfit.

Following the runway presentaions, Foxie, Xochi, Vander and Frankie Doom receive great critiques from the judges, with Vander being declared winner of the week's main challenge. The judges then negatively critiqued Loris, Meatball and Pinche. Ursula and Melissa recieved very mixed critiques, but they both end up being safe, meaning Loris, Meatball and Pinche are placed in the bottom 3. The extermination challenge is to remain calm and keep your hands down while being locked in a coffin and getting multiple objects being thrown & poured at you. Loris and Meatball succesfully passes the challenge, while Pinche is struggling. She was then exterminated.

Episode 1 Judges

  • Guest Judge: Darren Stein
  • Main Challenge: Design a wicked witch outfit and reenact the death of the Wicked Witch from the west.
  • Challenge Winner: Vander Von Odd
  • Bottom Three: Loris, Meatball and Pinche Queen
  • Extermination Challenge: Being buried alive while getting stuff thrown into your face.
  • Exterminated: Pinche Queen

Episode 2: "80's Female Wrestler"

Summary : In the preperation room, the queens patiently wait to discover who stayed and who went home. During the process, they discuss about their critiques and if they thought they were fair and who they think stayed. Without any prevention, Loris suddenly arrives. They proceed to ask what was the extermination challenge like. Meatball arrived a few minutes after, followed by Israel, the Brothers' butler, who gave shotglasses to the girls and a note from the Boulets, saying to gather around The Vault, where the main judges describe the main challenge and the extermination challenge.

From the critiques of the judges, Loris, Meatball, Vander and Foxie are declared the 4 best for the main challenge, with Loris being the winner, which automatically puts Melissa, Xochi, Ursula and Frankie in the bottom 4. Dracmorda and Swanthula proceed to explain the extermination challenge, which is to wrestle in a mud pool with another contestant. Melissa is paired up with Xochi, and Frankie is paired with Ursula, to match body types. Befierce delivers a great performance, making her the winner of the extermination challenge. Later that night, Ursula Major was exterminated.

Episode 2 Judges

  • Guest Judge: Magnus Hastings
  • Main Challenge: Design an 80's inspired wrestler look and perform a wrestling show.
  • Challenge Winner: Loris
  • Bottom Four: Frankie Doom, Melissa Befierce, Ursula Major and Xochi Mochi
  • Extermination Challenge: Wrestle in a pool of mud aggressively.
  • Extermination Challenge Winner: Melissa Befierce
  • Exterminated: Ursula Major

Wrestler Characters

Queen Wrestler Name
Foxie Adjuia The Shit
Frankie Doom Pink Flamingo
Loris Nuclear Nellie
Meatball Meatball Supreme
Melissa Befierce Kitty Kunt
Ursula Major Saturday Night Beaver
Vander Von Odd Matadarling
Xochi Mochi The Lizard Queen

Episode 3: "Zombies in Death Valley"

Episode 3 Judges

  • Guest Judge: A skeleton prop
  • Main Challenge: Design a zombie look in Death Valley for their rotten runway and showcase their zombie acting.
  • Challenge Winners: Melissa Befierce and Vander Von Odd
  • Bottom Three: Foxie Adjuia, Loris and Vander Von Odd
  • Extermination Challenge: Eat as much pig brain as possible without using hands.
  • Exterminated: Foxie Adjuia

Episode 4: "Pretty, Pink, Fishy Drag"

Episode 4 Judges

  • Guest Judge: BibleGirl666
  • Main Challenge: Showcase a pretty in pink, fishy drag look.
  • Challenge Winners: Meatball
  • Bottom Four: Frankie Doom, Loris, Vander Von Odd and Xochi Mochi
  • Extermination Challenge: Perform a lip sync to Alaska's song "Nails" while the other queens throws food at you. (This episode all the queens had to do the Extermination Challenge)
  • Exterminated: Loris and Xochi Mochi

Who Should Not Move on in the Competition?

Queen Choice Reason
Xochi Mochi Loris Landed in the bottom the most.
Frankie Doom Loris Landed in the bottom the most.
Loris Frankie Hasn't grown on critisism and not on same level.
Melissa Loris Underperforming
Vander Von Odd Loris Not ready for the competition
Meatball Loris Landed in the bottom the most

Episode 5: "Trannyshack Club"

Episode 5 Judges

  • Guest Judge: Heklina and Peaches Christ
  • Main Challenge: Perform for the guest judges Heklina and Peaches Christ at the club Trannyshack in San Francisco.
  • Top 3: Frankie Doom, Melissa Befierce and Vander Von Odd
  • Extermination Challenge: Create a seamonster look, and perform a photoshoot in the cold San Francisco Bay. (This episode all the queens had to do the Extermination Challenge)
  • Exterminated: Meatball

Sea Monster Photoshoot

Top Three of Dragula Season 1

Queens Challenge Wins Up for Extermination
FrankieDoomTBBD1Promo.jpg 0 2
(Eps. 2, 4)
VanderVonOddTBBD1Promo.jpg 2
(Eps. 1, 3)
(Ep. 4)
MelissaBefierceTBBD1Promo.jpg 1
(Ep. 3)
(Ep. 2)

Episode 6: "Finale"

The Monsters Reunited for The Last Supper

  • Extermination Challenge: Interpret and design three outfits with the principals of DRAGULA: Glamour, Filth and Horror. (This episode all the queens had to do the Extermination Challenge)
  • Winner of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula Season 1: Vander Von Odd
  • Runners-Up: Frankie Doom and Melissa Befierce

Episode 7: "Secrets of Dragula"

  • Topics: Lost footage, behind the scenes secrets, casting videos, clips from the cutting room floor, initial casting, the stars of the show and unaired production secrets.

Episode 8: "Reunion"

  • Topics: All of the nine monsters are back to discuss the season’s gaggiest moments. Includes never-before-seen footage, jaw-dropping revelations, and a recap of the seasons’ most amazing looks.


The three principles of Dragula: Glamour, Filth, Horror

Extermination Challenges


Gallery pic.png
Check out the lookbook gallery to see the queens' looks from each episode.


  • Loris is the only monster to not come from Los Angeles, but from North Hollywood.
  • The cash prize was made up partially from fan contributions to a fund.[citation needed]