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The third season of The Boulet Brothers' DRAGULA was produced in association with OUTtv, aired in August 2019 to October 2019.

This season features 11 drag artists competing to be the World's Next Drag Supermonster. The title also comes with a $25,000 cash prize for the queen who snatches the crown and wins the title of Dragula — The World’s Next Drag Supermonster.

On December 4, 2017, the third season was officially announced to be in production. On July 11, 2019, the cast was officially announced for this season.[1].

At the end of the tenth episode, Landon Cider was crowned as the winner of Season 3 earning the crown and scepter from Fierce Drag Jewels, $25,000 courtesy of Marek+Richard, and the title of Dragula — The World’s Next Drag Supermonster.


Dragula Cast S3

(Ages and names stated are during time of contest)

Rank Contestant Photo Real
Age Current City Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6 Ep. 7 Ep. 8 Ep. 9
Ep. 10
Landon Cider Landon BBD S3 Promo Kristine
39 Long Beach, CA SAFE
Dollya Black Dollya BBD S3 Promo Mason
23 Orlando, FL WIN SAFE HIGH
Priscilla BBD S3 Promo Kate
23 Asheville, NC HIGH SAFE HIGH
4th Louisianna
LouisiannaPurchase Chad
5th Evah
Evah BBD S3 Promo Alexander
6th Maddelynn
MadelynnHatter Matthew
37 New York, NY SAFE
7th Hollow Eve Hollow BBD S3 Promo Caitlin
8th Maxi Glamour Maxi BBD S3 Promo Max Wright 27 St. Louis, MO BTM2 SAFE HIGH
9th Yovska Yovska BBD S3 Promo Yovska
10th St. Lucia St.Lucia Shaquile Foreman 25 Atlanta, GA SAFE EXT RTRN
11th Violencia! ViolenciaExclamtionpoint David White 31 Boston, MA EXT RTRN
The contestant won The Boulet Brothers' Dragula Season 3
The contestant was a runner-up.
The contestant won the main challenge.
The contestant received positive critiques, however, didn't win the main challenge.
The contestant was part of the winning team but did not win the main challenge.
The contestant received mostly negative critiques, however they were safe from extermination.
The contestant won the mini-challenge and was granted the ability to either save themselves from extermination or put another competitor up for extermination, ultimately deciding to save themselves.
The contestant was up for extermination but remained in the competition.
The contestant was exterminated from the competition.
The contestant was up for extermination, but quit before the challenge; resulting in extermination.


Series # Episode # Episode Title Air Date
19 1 The Lesser of Two Evils August 27, 2019
20 2 Don’t Suck September 3, 2019
21 3 Drag Monsters of Rock September 6, 2019
22 4 The Demons Blood September 17, 2019
23 5 No Throw Aways, Not Recycled September 17, 2019
24 6 The Operating Theatre October 1, 2019
25 7 Le Freak October 7, 2019
26 8 Halloween Haunt October 14, 2019
27 9 Back from the Dead October 21, 2019
28 10 The Grand Finale October 28, 2019

Episode 1: "The Lesser of Two Evils"

Airdate: August 27th, 2019

Synopsis: Join horror hosts the Boulet Brothers as they welcome eleven drag artists from around the world to compete to win a $25,000.00 grand prize, the crown and the title of Dragula – the World’s Next Drag Supermonster. Each episode the competitors are given challenges to prove their skills at costume design, special effects makeup, acting, and performance art. The weakest monsters of each episode must face extreme fear-based challenges to prove they deserve to remain in the competition or face extermination.

Summary:  The monsters had to transform themselves into real life supervillains. After the floorshow, Yovska, St. Lucia, Maddelynn Hatter, Landon Cider, and Hollow Eve are all declared safe, and they leave the stage. Priscilla Chambers, Dollya Black, and Evah Destruction are deemed the best of the floorshow, with Dollya winning the first floorshow. Lousianna Purchase, Violencia Exclamation Point, and Maxi Glamour are deemed the worst and critiqued. Lousianna is critiqued for not giving as much as the other monsters, and having not a supervillain look, but a villian look. Violencia is praised for the details in her meat costume but critiqued for being too comedy and not enough monster. Maxi is critiqued for not following through with their intergalactic space theme and not showing good craftsmanship in their look. Lousianna is declared safe, leaving Violencia and Maxi to be up for extermination. The extermination challenge is then revealed: They must jump out of a plane at 18,000 feet. Violencia instantly starts freaking out, not wanting to be exterminated, but not wanting to do the extermination challenge. Lousianna tries to help Violencia, but in the end, Violencia refuses to do the extermination challenge, resulting in her extermination.

  • Mini Extermination Challenge: The monsters had to choose between 11 compact cases; 9 were empty, one had a star and the other had a spider. The monster who got the star won a 7-night all-expenses trip in the Equator Resort Key West. The monster with the spider had to consume a jar full of live spiders.
  • Mini Challenge Winner: Maddelynn Hatter
  • Mini Challenge Loser: Landon Cider
  • Guest Judges: Phil Jimenez and Phi Phi O'Hara
  • Floorshow: Transform themselves into real life supervillains.
  • Challenge Winner: Dollya Black
  • Challenge Prize: $1,000 in heels from Fierce Queen.
  • Bottom Two: Maxi Glamour and Violencia!
  • Extermination Challenge: Jumping out of a plane at 18,000 feet.
  • Exterminated: Violencia!

Episode 2: "Don’t Suck"

Airdate: September 3rd, 2019

The Boulet Brothers Dragula S3 Episode 2 Trailer

The Boulet Brothers Dragula S3 Episode 2 Trailer

Synopsis: The first competitor has fallen and the remaining contestants face off in a real life bloodbath that will leave one of them staked through the heart... literally.

Summary: The monsters had to transform themselves into vampires and perform a burlesque performance. After the floor show Dollya Black, Evah Destruction, Maxi Glamour and Priscilla Chambers were declared safe, and they leave the stage. St. Lucia was told that her performance was lacking/ timid and she was also told that there was no sign of 'Vampire' in her look, but her props were very impressive. Louisianna Purchase was told that her look and her performance were 'stunning' by Amanda Lepore and the rest of the judges, however was slightly critiqued for not using the fan enough. Landon Cider is praised for having a unique take on the challenge, and having an immaculate look. He was told that he had the best and most uniquely designed fan. Yovska was told that there was no sign of 'Vampire' in her look and her performance wasn't up to par. Hollow Eve was told that they were selling the vampire idea extremely well and was praised for their commitment towards their performance and costume. Maddelynn Hatter was praised for high energy and acting however she didn't use the fan which was one of the key things the Boulet Brothers were looking for. Louisianna Purchase, Hollow Eve and Landon Cider are deemed the best of the floorshow, with Landon winning his first challenge. Maddelynn Hatter, Yovska and St. Lucia are deemed the worst of the floorshow. Maddelynn is declared safe, leaving Yovska and St. Lucia to be up for extermination challenge. The extermination challenge is then revealed: Consume a feast consisting of cow organs and cow’s blood. St. Lucia doesn't survive the extermination challenge leaving in her being exterminated.

  • Guest Judges: Amanda Lepore and Bonnie Aarons
  • Floorshow: Design a vampire-themed outfit complete with reveals for a burlesque performance, and design a fan from Dirt Squirrel.
  • Challenge Winner: Landon Cider
  • Challenge Prize: a package of underwear from Dirt Squirrel worth $1,000.
  • Bottom Two: St. Lucia and Yovska
  • Extermination Challenge: Consume a feast consisting of cow organs and cow’s blood.
  • Exterminated: St. Lucia

Episode 3: "Drag Monsters of Rock"

Airdate: September 6th, 2019

The Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 3 Episode 3 Trailer

The Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 3 Episode 3 Trailer

Synopsis: In this first ever legacy challenge, the monsters are split into two rock bands and must compete in an arena style rock show to demolish the opposing band.

Summary: The monsters are split up into two teams; Team SLAG and Team KOVEN. Team SLAG consisted of Evah Destruction, Dollya Black, Priscilla Chambers and Maxi Glamour. Team KOVEN consisted of Hollow Eve, Landon Cider, Louisianna Purchase, Yovska and Maddelynn Hatter. They are tasked with creating two looks inspired by punk rock and heavy metal. One for the floorshow and one to perform on stage in a lipsync to 'Intro to Hell-House of Whores' by The Dirty Horror. During the performance, Maddelynn Hatter pulled the needles out of Hollow Eve's face causing them to be thrown off and break character. They leave the stage, stopping KOVEN's performance halfway through. Team SLAG is praised for all looking like a rock band. Team KOVEN were told that their blood ritual didn't seem rehearsed and was very unco-ordinated. Team SLAG is declared with the winning team, with Evah Destruction winning the challenge for her strong energy and performance. They are all declared safe and leave the stage. Team KOVEN is declared the losing team and are further critiqued on their floorshow outfits. Hollow Eve is told that their performance outfit was stronger than their floorshow outfit. Yovska is critiqued on her colour palette being too 'soft' and not showing enough elevation in her look compared to the other monsters. Landon Cider is heavily praised for his look and his props. Maddelynn Hatter is told that she has the best hair of the week. Louisianna Purchase was told that she does 'Good Bad Drag' and she was praised for her look and for taking Dracmorda Boulet's notes about exaggerating the makeup and applying it for the challenge. Louisianna Purchase and Landon Cider are declared safe, leaving Hollow Eve, Yovska and Maddelynn Hatter up for extermination. The extermination challenge is then revealed: Get a tattoo that is picked by another contestant up for extermination. Maddelynn chose the tattoo for Yovska, Yovska chose the tattoo for Hollow Eve and Hollow Eve chose the tattoo for Maddelynn Hatter. Yovska didn't survive the extermination challenge and was exterminated.

  • Guest Judges: Henry Rollins and Peaches Christ
  • Floorshow: Present two looks inspired by punk rock and heavy metal. The first presented in the floor show and the second to perform on the stage in as a band.
  • Challenge Winner: Evah Destruction
  • Challenge Prize: A custom latex gown from Bizarre Fetish Couture worth $1,000.
  • Bottom Three: Hollow Eve, Maddelynn Hatter, and Yovska
  • Extermination Challenge: Get a tattoo that is picked by somebody else.
  • Exterminated: Yovska

Rock Band Teams

Evah Destruction Maddelynn Hatter
Dollya Black Hollow Eve
Maxi Glamour Landon Cider
Priscilla Chambers Louisianna Purchase

Episode 4: "The Demons Blood"

Airdate: September 17th, 2019

Synopsis: The remaining competitors leave the mansion and go on location for the first time. The pressure pushes people to the breaking point and a mental meltdown threatens to send someone home.

Summary: The monsters are tasked to create a ferocious full fantasy look based on the assigned race and class given by the Boulet Brothers. The second part of the challenge is that they have to act out a classic adventure campaign. Louisianna Purchase is assigned Elf Priestess, Dollya Black is assigned Orc Priestess, Landon Cider is assigned Elf Barbarian, Hollow Eve is assigned Dark Elf Rogue, Evah Destruction is assigned Reptilian Warrior, Priscilla Chambers is assigned Elf Bard, Maxi Glamour is assigned Reptilian Rogue and Maddelynn Hatter is assigned Dark Elf Necromancer. Due to the fact that Dollya Black found the key of Life and Death she had the option to either save herself from elimination or put another contestant up for elimination. She chose to save herself making her safe from extermination. Priscilla Chambers is declared safe. Maddelynn Hatter was praised for her performance and her look however she was considered up staged by her gigantic torch prop. Louisianna Purchase is praised for taking on the Boulet Brothers notes about make-up and her drag. She was also praised for her performance and energy in the challenge. Landon Cider is heavily praised for his look having so much detail, and his performance being one of the best. Evah Destruction is also heavily praised for her look being the epitome of 'Reptilian Warrior'. She was also highly praised for her performance and the attitude. Hollow Eve was heavily praised for their performance being 100%. Maxi was told that the mask was problematic as they couldn't be heard in their performance. Louisianna, Hollow and Landon are all declared safe leaving Evah Destruction to win the challenge. Maddelynn Hatter and Maxi Glamour are left up for extermination. The extermination challenge is then revealed: being pelted with rotten food and ridiculed by fellow competitors. Maddelynn is told that she would be safe is Dollya didn't save herself tonight. She then gets extremely annoyed that she is in the bottom for the second time in a row for something out of her control. Maxi Glamour loses the extermination challenge and is exterminated.

  • Guest Judges: Michael Varrati and Darren Stein
  • Floor Show: Design and create a look for the Dungeon and Drag Queens challenge.
  • Challenge Winner: Evah Destruction
  • Challenge Prize: $1,000 from Queens Gala Feast at Medieval Times
  • Bottom Two: Maddelynn Hatter and Maxi Glamour
  • Extermination Challenge: Pelted with rotten food and ridiculed by fellow competitors.
  • Exterminated: Maxi Glamour

Dungeon and Drag Queens

Contestant Race and Class
Dollya Black Orc Priestess
Evah Destruction Reptilian Warrior
Hollow Eve Dark Elf Rogue
Landon Cider Elf Barbarian
Louisianna Purchase Elf Priestess
Maddelynn Hatter Dark Elf Necromancer
Maxi Glamour Reptilian Rogue
Priscilla Chambers Elf Bard

Episode 5: "No Throw Aways, Not Recycled"

Airdate: September 17th, 2019

Synopsis: Fashion meets filth on the runway and the monster models must prove they can serve killer looks and give good interviews. The threat of being exterminated brings out rotten reactions in everyone and competitors are dropping like flies.

Summary: The monsters are tasked to create a fashionably filthy look out of garbage and complete the look with using paper and permanent markers as makeup. They are also tasked with participating in an on-the-spot interview with a fashion consultant (later seen to be season 2's Disasterina). Maddelynn Hatter is declared safe. Louisianna Purchase is heavily praised for her look and her energy in her performance she was also one of the stand outs in the interview portion of the challenge. Landon Cider is heavily praised for his garbage look however he is critiqued for not showing enough of it on the floorshow. Dollya Black is heavily praised for her make-up and her costume however she wasn't considered as 'memorable' in her interview with Disasterina. Hollow Eve is praised for the message that they were trying to portray with their look however they were critiqued for both their look and her interview. Hollow Eve gets extremely emotional and defensive after her critiques stating that there is nothing she would do to change her look. Priscilla Chambers is told that she embodied the challenge perfectly and praised for taking her story in the Boudoir and incorporating it into her look. She was also heavily praised for her interview. Evah Destruction is told her costume isn't as detailed and strong as the rest of the contestants. She was also evidently thrown off with the interview portion of the challenge. Priscilla Chambers is declared the winner of the challenge with Louisianna Purchase and Dollya Black being declared safe. Landon Cider is ultimately declared safe leaving Evah Destruction and Hollow Eve up for extermination. The Boulet Brothers then shock the rest of the competitors by telling them that they all, excluding Priscilla, will participate in the extermination challenge even if they received positive or negative critiques, however Evah Destruction and Hollow Eve are the only monsters up for elimination. The extermination challenge is then revealed: Blow a roach through a tube into the opposing contestant's mouth. Louisianna wins the challenge against Dollya and Landon Cider wins against Maddelynn Hatter. Hollow Eve loses the extermination challenge against Evah Destruction and Hollow Eve is the next contestant eliminated.

  • Special Guest: Disasterina
  • Guest Judges: Felissa Rose and Biqtch Puddin
  • Floor Show: Create a fashionably filthy look out of garbage and complete the look with using paper and permanent markers as makeup. Then participate in an on-the-spot interview with Disasterina.
  • Challenge Winner: Priscilla Chambers
  • Challenge Prize: $1,000 prize package from Trixie Cosmetics
  • Bottom Two: Evah Destruction and Hollow Eve
  • Extermination Challenge: Blow a roach through a tube into the opposing contestant's mouth.
  • Exterminated: Hollow Eve

(In this episode all competitors except for the winner of the challenge, Priscilla Chambers, had to participate in the extermination challenge, however only Hollow and Evah were up for extermination)

Extermination Challenge Pairs

Winner Loser
Evah Destruction Hollow Eve
Landon Cider Maddelynn Hatter
Louisianna Purchase Dollya Black

Episode 6: "The Operating Theatre"

Airdate: October 3rd, 2019

Synopsis: Only 6 competitors remain and it’s going to take surgical precision to survive this week's challenge. The monsters pose for photographers and editors to see who has the strongest photos. One will win and one will be sent to the morgue.

  • Guest Judges: Milly Shapiro and Paige Owens.
  • Floor Show: Present a horror look inspired by a haunted-hospital. Then model for a photo-shoot of that look in an abandoned hospital.
  • Challenge Winner: Landon Cider.
  • Challenge Prize: A featured two-page photo spread in an upcoming issue of Alternative Press.
  • Bottom Two: Priscilla Chambers and Maddelynn Hatter.
  • Extermination Challenge: Real-life operation game; delicately remove a cadaver's body parts and get shocked with 6.000 volts of electricity every time you mess up.
  • Exterminated: Maddelynn Hatter.

Episode 7: "Le Freak"

Airdate: October 7th, 2019

Synopsis: This week, the competitors must prove that they have a place in the Dragula freaky family. They say no one can hurt you more than the ones you love, and the Boulet Brothers prove that in tonight's extermination challenge.

  • Guest Judge: Vander Von Odd and Cig Neutron
  • Floor Show: Present a spectacle and look inspired by a freakshow circus, incorporating a styled wig from Arda Wigs.
  • Challenge Winner: Dollya Black
  • Challenge Prize: $500 in wigs, courtesy of Arda Wigs
  • Bottom Three: Evah Destruction, Louisianna Purchase and Priscilla Chambers.
  • Extermination Challenge: Staple as many dollar bills onto your body within a minute.
  • Exterminated: Evah Destruction
Who Should Go Home Tonight? Who Should Win Tonight?
Contestant Choice Contestant Choice
Landon Cider Priscilla Chambers Louisianna Purchase Herself
Priscilla Chambers Dollya Black

Episode 8: "Halloween Haunt"

Airdate: October 14th, 2019

Synopsis: Halloween night is almost upon us and to celebrate, a pair of horror icons join the judges panel. The final four compete to see who will survive and earn their place in the Dragula Grand finale.

  • Guest Judge: Rachel True and Danielle Harris.
  • Floor Show: Take a classic Halloween costume archetype and elevate the concept with the elements of glamour, filth and/or horror. Also, carve a jack-o-lantern in a way that accessorizes and accentuates the Halloween costume.
  • Challenge Winner: Landon Cider
  • Challenge Prize: $1000 worth of custom corsetry from Misty Couture, and a headlining spot at the Boulet Brothers Los Angeles Halloween Ball 2019.
  • Bottom Three: Dollya Black, Louisianna Purchase, and Priscilla Chambers; Landon Cider also participated in the extermination challenge, but was not up for extermination.
  • Extermination Challenge: Walk through a haunted house and avoid traps and scare actors along the way in order to grab an invite to the Top 3 at the end of the maze.
  • Exterminated: Louisianna Purchase

Top Three of Season 3

Contestants Challenge Wins Up for Elimination
Dollya BBD S3 Promo 2
(Eps. 1, 7)
(Ep. 8)
Landon BBD S3 Promo 3
(Eps. 2, 6, 8)
Priscilla BBD S3 Promo 1
(Ep. 5)
(Eps. 6, 7, 8)

Episode 9: "Back from the Dead"

Airdate: October 21st, 2019

Synopsis: The dead are resurrected for one night only to attend the Dragula Season 3 family reunion. All of the ghouls reunite to rip the scabs off old wounds and let the bad blood between them flow.

Who is most deserving of the crown?

Louisiana Purchase Priscilla Chambers
Evah Destruction Priscilla Chambers
Maddelynn Hatter Priscilla Chambers
Hollow Eve Landon Cider
Maxi Glamour Landon Cider
Yovska Landon Cider
St. Lucia Priscilla Chambers
Violencia! Landon Cider

Episode 10: "The Grand Finale"

Airdate: October 28, 2019

Synopsis: The strongest monsters of the season deliver their final performances in the categories of Filth, Horror and Glamour. The best of the best face off and one of them is crowned the winner and takes the title of Dragula!

  • Floor Show: Interpret and design three outfits and floor show performances with the three principles of Dragula: Glamour, Filth and Horror.
  • Winner of Season 3: Landon Cider
  • Runners-Up: Dollya Black and Priscilla Chambers


  • This is the first Dragula Season to...
    • have 11 contestants competing.
    • have a transgender contestant on the show, Priscilla Chambers.
      • However, Priscilla did not begin her transition until after filming ended.
    • have a drag king as a contestant, Landon Cider.
    • have AFAB contestants on the show, Hollow Eve and Landon Cider.
    • have a Canadian contestant, Yovska.
    • have a contestant refuse to compete in the extermination challenge, Violencia! 
    • have two mini challenges
    • have a contestant use a power to protect themselves from extermination, Dollya Black.
    • have a contestant win two consecutive challenges, Evah Destruction.
    • ask the contestant(s) who they think they should go home or win the main challenge.
    • not have a traditional last supper setup.
  • The season originally had a promo design theme with lighting, fog, and a purple and green color scene back when it was renewed in 2017. It later changed to the current theme during the official announcements in 2019.
  • This is the first season to air on a platform other than YouTube within the United States (as it has been airing on OutTV in Canada). The Amazon Prime listing of Dragula has suffered a multitude of errors, resulting in both premature and delayed airings.
    • Episodes were wrongly listed as their own separate series for Episodes 1 and 2.
      • Additionally, the keyword "Dragula" did not display the show's listing when typed into the search bar.
    • Episode 3 was meant to air on September 10, 2019, but the episode was aired four days early.
    • Episode 4 was not released at the scheduled time.
    • Episode 4 and 5 were released together on Amazon Prime on September 17th
    • Episodes 5 and 6 were released simultaneously with Episode 4 in Canada, but Episode 6 was shortly taken down.
    • Episode 6 was not released at the scheduled time.
    • Episode 7 was released the day before the scheduled time, October 7th, 2019.
    • Episiode 8 was released the day before the scheduled time, October 14th, 2019.
  • Landon Cider is the first contestant to never be up for extermination.
    • However, he was required to participate in a mini extermination in Episode 1 and the extermination challenge in Episode 8 despite winning the main challenge.
  • Dollya Black holds the record for remaining safe before her first extermination the longest, at 7 consecutive weeks.
  • Landon Cider is the first Drag King and AFAB contestant to win Dragula.


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