Werk room

The Werk Room prior to Season 10.

The Werk Room is a room on RuPaul's Drag Race where contestants perform mini-challenges, and prepare for or work on main challenges and runway presentations. This is where contestants put together and create costumes, apply wigs and make-up, and prepare for the day's main challenges and elimination ceremonies. The room has changed several times throughout the duration of the show, most notably on Season 10.

The Werk Room

Season 1


Season 1 Werk Room

When the first season premiered, the work room was very basic and fairly small. There was a total of 9 workstations and tables with sewing machines. There was also a television where RuPaul first announced the start of the race.

Werk Room Order

  1. Shannel(1st Queen)
  2. Nina Flowers
  3. Rebecca Glasscock
  4. Ongina
  5. Victoria Parker
  6. Akashia
  7. Tammie Brown
  8. Jade
  9. BeBe Zahara Benet

Season 2

The Werk Room changed drastically from the previous season. They added doors, brick walls, bigger workstations and more tables with sewing machines. The room was also expanded. The biggest change was the color and of course the design. The aesthetic became pink and black/white, as opposed to the previous orange and white.

Werk Room Order

  1. Nicole Paige Brooks
  2. Shangela
  3. Raven
  4. Jujubee
  5. Sahara Davenport
  6. Morgan McMichaels
  7. Mystique Summers Madison
  8. Jessica Wild
  9. Sonique
  10. Tatianna
  11. Pandora Boxx
  12. Tyra Sanchez

Season 3

There were no major changes, except for the premiere episode, where they added Christmas decorations.

Werk Room Order

  1. Delta Work
  2. Carmen Carrera
  3. Phoenix
  4. Manila Luzon
  5. Stacy Layne Matthews
  6. Venus D-Lite
  7. Yara Sofia
  8. Mariah
  9. Alexis Mateo
  10. India Ferrah
  11. Mimi Imfurst
  12. Raja

Season 4

The gray entrance door was switched to a pink doorway.

Werk Room Order

  1. Willam
  2. Lashauwn Beyond
  3. Jiggly Caliente
  4. Phi Phi O'Hara
  5. Madame LaQueer
  6. Milan
  7. Alisa Summers
  8. Dida Ritz
  9. The Princess
  10. Kenya Michaels
  11. Chad Michaels
  12. Sharon Needles
  13. Latrice Royale

All Stars 1

In the first episode, the Pit Crew brought in a stand with pictures for the queens to choose their teammate. 

Werk Room Order

  1. Pandora Boxx
  2. Latrice Royale
  3. Yara Sofia
  4. Shannel
  5. Raven
  6. Alexis Mateo
  7. Chad Michaels
  8. Manila Luzon
  9. Mimi Imfurst
  10. Nina Flowers
  11. Jujubee
  12. Tammie Brown

Season 5

The floor color was changed from gray to light pink. A neon pink LED lip symbol was also added to the entrance.

Werk Room Order

  1. Detox
  2. Roxxxy Andrews
  3. Jade Jolie
  4. Serena Cha Cha (50th Queen)
  5. Alyssa Edwards
  6. Jinkx Monsoon
  7. Penny Tration
  8. Vivienne Pinay
  9. Alaska
  10. Honey Mahogany
  11. Ivy Winters
  12. Monica Beverly Hillz
  13. Lineysha Sparx
  14. Coco Montrese

Season 6

The pink LED lip symbol was adjusted to a red color, as well as the pink paneling in the doorway, which was also changed to a bright red. Artwork of RuPaul was also added over the entrance way.

Werk Room Order

Group 1

  1. Adore Delano
  2. BenDeLaCreme
  3. Gia Gunn
  4. Laganja Estranja
  5. April Carrión
  6. Kelly Mantle
  7. Vivacious

Group 2

  1. Bianca Del Rio
  2. Trinity K. Bonet
  3. Joslyn Fox
  4. Milk
  5. Magnolia Crawford
  6. Courtney Act
  7. Darienne Lake

Season 7

A white shelf addition was placed in the Werk Room, containing RuPaul statuettes, which each queen would take with them upon being eliminated. An LED "WERK" sign was also placed behind the doorway.

Werk Room Order

  1. Miss Fame
  2. Ginger Minj
  3. Jaidynn Diore Fierce
  4. Violet Chachki
  5. Max
  6. Katya
  7. Jasmine Masters
  8. Mrs. Kasha Davis
  9. Trixie Mattel
  10. Kandy Ho
  11. Pearl
  12. Kennedy Davenport
  13. Sasha Belle
  14. Tempest DuJour

Season 8

There were no major changes to the Werk Room itself. However, a confessional room, called the Shade Tree, was added, in which queens could share their innermost secrets and thoughts.

Werk Room Order

  1. Naomi Smalls
  2. Cynthia Lee Fontaine
  3. Dax ExclamationPoint
  4. Naysha Lopez
  5. Acid Betty
  6. Robbie Turner
  7. Kim Chi
  8. Thorgy Thor
  9. Bob the Drag Queen
  10. Laila McQueen
  11. Chi Chi DeVayne
  12. Derrick Barry(100th Queen)

All Stars 2

The Untucked and Reunion special took place in the Werk Room with white couches and most of the lights turned off.

Werk Room Order

  1. Katya
  2. Detox
  3. Alyssa Edwards
  4. Phi Phi O'Hara
  5. Ginger Minj
  6. Roxxxy Andrews
  7. Coco Montrese
  8. Alaska
  9. Tatianna
  10. Adore Delano

Season 9

A large wax statue of RuPaul was added to the Werk Room, as well as a large lamp next to it.

Werk Room Order

  1. Peppermint
  2. Valentina
  3. Eureka O’Hara
  4. Charlie Hides
  5. Farrah Moan
  6. Sasha Velour
  7. Alexis Michelle
  8. Shea Couleé
  9. Trinity Taylor
  10. Kimora Blac
  11. Jaymes Mansfield
  12. Nina Bo'nina Brown
  13. Aja
  14. Cynthia Lee Fontaine

(Although Cynthia did not enter the werkroom in the beginning of the premiere episode. She was shown to the cast at the end of Episode 1 and revealed at the beginning of Episode 2).

All Stars 3

The Untucked took place in the Werk Room with white couches and most of the lights turned off.

Werk Room Order

  1. Trixie Mattel
  2. Milk
  3. Chi Chi DeVayne
  4. Thorgy Thor
  5. Morgan McMichaels
  6. Aja
  7. BenDeLaCreme
  8. Kennedy Davenport
  9. Shangela
  10. BeBe Zahara Benet

Season 10

The Werk Room has had its biggest overhaul since Season 2. The Werk Room now has a red theme rather than a pink theme.

Delete soom

Season 10 Werkroom

Werk Room Order

  1. Eureka O’Hara
  2. Asia O'Hara
  3. Miz Cracker
  4. Yuhua Hamasaki
  5. Blair St. Clair
  6. Monét X Change
  7. Kameron Michaels
  8. Mayhem Miller
  9. Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams
  10. Monique Heart
  11. Dusty Ray Bottoms
  12. The Vixen
  13. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo
  14. Aquaria

All Stars 4

Werk Room Order

  1. Monique Heart
  2. Trinity The Tuck
  3. Naomi Smalls
  4. Monét X Change
  5. Gia Gunn
  6. Farrah Moan
  7. Jasmine Masters
  8. Valentina
  9. Latrice Royale & Manila Luzon

Season 11

Werk Room Order

  1. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo
  2. Nina West
  3. Shuga Cain
  4. Plastique Tiara
  5. Mercedes Iman Diamond
  6. Scarlet Envy
  7. Honey Davenport
  8. A'keria Chanel Davenport
  9. Yvie Oddly
  10. Silky Nutmeg Ganache
  11. Brooke Lynn Hytes
  12. Ariel Versace
  13. Ra'jah O'Hara
  14. Kahanna Montrese(150th Queen)
  15. Soju

Season 12

Werk Room Order

Group 1

  1. Brita
  2. Nicky Doll
  3. Widow Von'Du
  4. Jackie Cox
  5. Heidi N Closet
  6. Gigi Goode
  7. Crystal Methyd

Group 2

  1. Rock M. Sakura
  2. Dahlia Sin
  3. Sherry Pie
  4. Jan
  5. Jaida Essence Hall
  6. Aiden Zhane

All Stars 5

Werk Room Order

  1. Shea Couleé
  2. Miz Cracker
  3. Alexis Mateo
  4. Blair St. Clair
  5. Mariah Balenciaga
  6. India Ferrah
  7. Jujubee
  8. Derrick Barry
  9. Mayhem Miller
  10. Ongina

Holi-Slay Spectacular

The Werk Room had a Christmas overhaul. The Werk Room was full of Christmas decor.

WerkRoomHoly-Slay B
WerkRoomHoly-Slay A

Werk Room Order

  1. Trixie Mattel
  2. Latrice Royale
  3. Eureka O’Hara
  4. Mayhem Miller
  5. Sonique
  6. Kim Chi
  7. Jasmine Masters
  8. Shangela



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