• Hi, So the user @Black People r ugly and ghetto 

    they first of all, have a VERY inappropriate and racist username and secondly they made a page titled 'Vorelatina' which has some racist things said on there and overall inappropriate. I would like you to do is put this user on the blocked list because of their racist username, page, and overall inappropriate om this wiki. You can see their profile and their edit. Thank You!

    Screenshot (88)
    Screenshot (87)
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    • Sorry to spam you, but they are also adding an inappropriate category to some drag queen's pages:

      'Queens who started drag because they wanted to be fucked in the orgy and so they disguised as a woman!' is the category

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    • hey! thank you for letting me know. sorry i've been away for a few days and havent had the chance to even look at the wiki ugh

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    • No It's totally fine. I myself have been trying to distance myself from this wiki for a little bit. Thank You for all that you do!

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    • A FANDOM user
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