Vixen Snatch Game

me during class...

Hiya! My name is MsLaquifaLatex! I am a fan of the show ''RuPaul's Drag Race''. My favorite queens from ''RuPaul's Drag Race'' are Mrs. Kasha Davis, The Vixen, Shuga Cain, KimChi, Aja, Shea Coulee, Nina Bonina Brown, etc.

I admire the looks that the queens present to the judges on the runway. They are just so beautiful! My favorite looks are... Katya's 'Latex Eleganza' look from AS2, Yvie's 'Zodiac Look' from S11, KimChi's 'Best Drag' look from S8, Bianca Del Rio's 'Animal Kingdom' look from S6, Farrah Moan's 'Lalaparuza' look and Alexis Michelle's 'Promo' look.

I usually fix the grammar on pages, sometimes add missing categories, add some quotes to queens pages, etc!

My Favorite Queens

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