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Utica Queen, also known commonly as simply Utica, is the stage name of Ethan Mundt,[1] a drag queen based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and a contestant on Season 13 of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Drag Name Origin

Ethan's hometown was Utica, Minnesota, so that is where she assumed the name Utica.[citation needed]

Track Record(s)

Utica Queen
Season Competed: Season 13
Ranking: 6th Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 10)
Mini Challenges Won: 0
Times as Team Captain: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 3 (Eps. 9, 11, 12)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 12

Memorable Quotes

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13

  • *sneezes*..."She’s sickening!" (entrance quote)
  • "I'll get you for this, RuPaul!" (after losing the Pork Chop lipsync to Gottmik)
  • "I can feel it in my nuggets."
  • "So...the strawberry, I used to be allergic to strawberries growing up, so it's kind of a testament of me getting through it." (to Michelle after she asked the meaning of the strawberry in her wig)
  • ♪ "Spreading love from here to there. For my Savior as I toss my hair. There's not a bone in my body, gonna wiggle to the top, wig-wiggle to the top, woo! Utica may be a small town, farmgirl fit for a crown. Lightning striking you down, strike a pose like that, strike a pose like that, woo!" ♪ (verse in "Phenomenon")
  • "I am the shit, mama!"
  • ''Your first bobbin!'' (to LaLa Ri)
  • "Jeez...that hair actually makes Tina look small."
  • ''Gonna take you on a date.'' (To Olivia Lux in Untucked)
  • "Dahlia! Uh um Dina! Uh- Nah bitch I could never remember your name. (ro Denali in Reading is Fundamental)
  • "Tweet tweet tweet, motherfucka!"
  • ''I feel like I caused all this drama... And I love it. Oh, I love it.” (referring to Rosé’s and Denali’s role conflict)
  • ”Oh, you want a mean bone? I can’t believe she won with that hairline!” (about Olivia Lux winning the episode 7 challenge with that wig)
  • "I'm a very affectionate person. If someone needs a little bit of uplift, and I can offer that through the touch of my body, that touch can be really powerful." (Utica talking about giving hugs in "Corona Can't Keep a Good Queen Down")
  • “The world is in chaos. Try your absolute best to share and enjoy. You deserve it. Treat yourself to an amazing life. Go make a hat, go give cats massages. Whatever gives you that feeling, go do it.” (from “Corona Can’t Keep a Good Queen Down”)
  • "What did you guys think?" (after lip-syncing for her life)
  • "Oh, Symone, I thought I was the one who had the balls to bomb that hard." (after Symone's performance in the Nice Girls Roast)
  • HAKUNA MATATA! (during the Nice Girls Roast)
  • oUUuUuuuUooOOooUuuHrLuUuuUUUuuOOOOoooooUUUuuuooOHrl. Oh, Im sorry, I though you could speak whale (to Nina West during the nice Girls Roast)
  • "RuPaul, you are such a fashion icon. If you could stand up for us please?" (during the Nice Girls Roast)
  • “Well, it was fun. I’ll see you out and about. I’m gonna spread sunshine wherever I go. And I hope you brought your sunscreen, ‘cause it’s gonna be bright. Bye!” (her exit in Untucked)
  • "Well, when you think you can't. Uti-Can." (exit quote)

Farewell Message

"Hey Goobers! I'm so happy to have you all in my life now! To my new sisters, I love you so much. Love yourself inside & out ♥️ Wiggle to the top! UTICA"



  • Utica auditioned only once before being cast on Season 13.
  • Utica is a Seventh Day Adventist.
  • Utica is a designer and creates a lot of the outfits she wears.
  • Utica started getting interested in makeup while she was in college, and picked up on techniques through videos she saw on YouTube.
  • Utica is currently the only RuPaul's Drag Race contestant whose drag name starts with the lettet "U".
  • Utica impersonates Taylor Swift frequently.
  • Utica is the first Drag Race contestant since Season 4 to have two different versions of her drag name showcased within a single season. Her promo look is labeled "Utica Queen" and she presented herself as such in her first confessional, whereas her later confessionals and her runway walks are simply labeled "Utica".
    • In the first four Drag Race seasons, several queens with a polynymous drag name would often be presented by their first name only. This stopped being a thing in Season 5, where all contestants would be presented consistently with a single version of their drag name.
  • RuPaul introduces Utica on the runway by saying "Syracuse, Schenectady, Utica" (cities in the state of New York) similarly to how she introduced Milan on Season 4 by saying "London, Paris, Milan", and Kennedy Davenport on Season 7 by saying "LaGuardia, Newark, Kennedy" (New York City airports).
    • However, Utica comes from Utica, Minnesota, not Utica, New York.
  • Utica's reaction to RuPaul's question "Have you ever smoked weed before?" left RuPaul laughing for 30 seconds, the longest laugh reaction on the show.
  • Utica will take Olivia Lux out on a date after Drag Race.
  • Utica has been described by fellow contestant Joey Jay as being a "giraffe of love".
  • Many previous Drag Race alumni praised her Bag Ball Eleganza look from the Season 13 Ball Challenge. Some of them said that it was the best look made in the Werkroom ever.
  • Utica has stated on IG Live that she is 6'4 inches tall, making her the tallest contestant on Season 13.
  • According to Rosé, Utica took out a binder of her unused reading challenge reads at dinner.
    • However, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Utica said that all the other queens read out their unused reads as well, and explained: "I definitely felt like I was set up [by the cast]".
  • Utica is the first and only "pork chop" queen to send home a member of the winners circle, that being Tina Burner. Although, Elliott with 2 Ts sent home LaLa Ri in Episode 7, however, although Elliott was part of the losing queens, she joined the winning queens after being "voted off" by her fellow competitors in Episode 2.
    • Denali became an assassin by winning one Lip Sync For The Win and one Lip Sync For Your Life.
  • Utica is the fifth contestant to place in the bottom two the episode before and after winning a challenge, after Rebecca Glasscock (Season 1), Stacy Layne Matthews (Season 3), Ginger Minj (Season 7), and Derrick Barry (Season 8).
  • The strawberry worn in Utica's entrance outfit is from her first time performing as "Utica," saying that it's been with her for her whole career leading up to Drag Race.
  • Utica apologized for the jokes she made during the Roast challenge, saying that body shaming jokes were never okay.
  • Utica is the eleventh queen to have a tied win, and later be sent home by their tied win partner, after Shangela, Derrick Barry, Shea Couleé, B Ella, Genie, Bandit, Vanda Miss Joaquim and A'Whora.
  • The earrings that she wore in her Sheer look, were also worn by Liv Lux, but in the makeover episode. Liv also wore the earrings in her hair, compared to Utica who wore them on her ears.
  • Utica made Willow Pill's 3 headed finale look.[2]


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