Versus Drag Queens
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Versus Drag Queens (initially titled as Versus: Drag Queens Frente a Frente) also stylized as Versus DragQueens or Versus Dragqueens, or simply Versus, is a Chilean drag competition that airs on YouTube. It premiered with its first season on June 25, 2017. It is now on its fourth season and one season of its Mexican spin-off, Versus Drag Queens: Edición México.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Premiere Finale
1 6 June 25, 2017 August 5, 2017
2 10 December 23, 2017 March 11, 2018
3 9 June 11, 2019 August 11, 2019
4 TBA March 13, 2021 TBA

Season Artwork


Place Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
1st Belika Rubik C-Pher Hidden Mistake Ágata Görë
Cindy Nero
Javi Del Real
Miss Cookie Knowles
Skyla Mayla
Ursula Del Real
Zantana Diamond
2nd Nina LeBlanc Mia Za'haraa Victoria Raven
3rd MortFina Cotee Miller Javi Del Real
4th Estrella Astral Annaleight Feli Aurora

5th Ágata Görë Cassie D Perry
6th Aura Luna Rebel Ank
7th Nia De Indias

Krishna Dacardill
8th Marianna Alonso
9th Tiresia Calypso Mia Vittar

Elektra Heart

Galaxia Jalih
10th Perpetua April Vesania
11th Amanet Diabolo
The contestant won Versus Drag Queens.
The contestant was voted Miss Congeniality.
The contestant was disqualified from the competition.
The contestant quit the competition.
The contestant returned to the competition after being eliminated during a previous season.
The contestant was eliminated earlier in the competition and returned.




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