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Vivienne Pinay is the stage name of Michael Donehoo, a former drag performer from New York, New York. Donehoo is best know for being a contestant on Season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race, and is the fourth contestant in series history to be of Filipino decent.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Vivienne Pinay
Season Competed Season 5
Ranking: 10th/11th Place
Mini-Challenges Won: 0
Times as Team Captain: 0
Times Placed High 1 (Ep. 2)
Main Challenges Won: 0
Times Placed Low 1 (Ep. 3)
Times in Bottom: 1 (Ep. 4)
Episode Eliminated Episode 4

During the show, Vivienne became one of only seven contestants in series history to be accused of "resting on pretty" (The other six being Mariah and Carmen Carrera of Season 3, Courtney Act of Season 6, Miss Fame of Season 7, Derrick Barry of Season 8, and Farrah Moan of Season 9).

Vivienne lasted through the first 3 episodes of Season 5 until Episode 4 "Black Swan: Why It Gotta Be Black?" where she played the part of "America's Next Drag Superstar" during the main challenge where the contestants performed in a ballet. After being criticized on the main-stage for her lackluster performance in the ballet, she was placed in the bottom two alongside fellow contestant Honey Mahogany. RuPaul then chose to send both queens home for "half-stepping" in the first double elimination to occur on the show.
Vivienne pinay

Drag Name Origin

The term "Pinay" is from Tagalog (a Philippine language) meaning "Girl from/ of the Philippines". Being of Filipino decent, Donehoo decided to use this term in his stage name to pay tribute to his heritage.

Other Work

Since her appearance on season 5, she is currently working as the personal assistant to fellow contestant Alyssa Edwards and is on her WOWPresents web-show "Alyssa's Secret". She can often be seen fixing Alyssa's hair and makeup.

As Michael, Vivienne appeared in the ninth season of SyFy channel reality series, Face-Off, as one of the couples who were married as part of the main challenge.


Season 5

"Hey, y'all!"

Memorable Quotes

  • "Vivienne is all about glamour. My beauty is everything."
  • "I will always be the fishiest queen today, tomorrow, next month, the past seasons, and the next seasons to come."
  • "I love all my girls! Here's to the revolution of the FISH! ♡ Always, Vivienne Pinay," (Farewell message)


  • Vivienne along with Honey Mahogany are the first two queens to be eliminated in a double elimination.
  • Vivienne no longer does drag.


Season 5 Looks

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