Willy SmacknTush is Wellington, New Zealand's, current reigning MX Capital DRAG 2019. This groundbreaking pageant community leader role is an important pillar of the queer arts scene in Wellington. Willy was the first to drag king to win the crown, and very early on in his drag career.

Willy is the largest producer of drag and cabaret in New Zealand, working alongside house of drag season 1 winner, Hugo Grrrl, at Hugo Grrrls Gig's production company. Within the company structure Willy is DRAG CEO handling production of numerous sell out staples of the cabaret calendar in Wellington.

Willy's productions and performances celebrate diversity in the unique landscape of the Wellington Drag Scene. They draw attention and give opportunities to queer AFAB, transgender, and POC performers.

House of Drag

Willy SmacknTush
Statistics HoD2
Ranking: 7th
Times as Team Captain: 0
Main Challenges Won: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 3 (Eps. 1, 2, 6)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 6


  • Willy is one of the largest producers of queers arts, drag, and cabaret in New Zealand.
  • Willy is MX Capital Drag 2019, the current reigning MX Capital in Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Willy was the first drag king and AFAB performer to win the MX Capital Title.
  • Willy creates most of his costumes himself.
  • Willy was the first contestant on House of Drag to survive being in the bottom two, two weeks in a row.

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